Once Upon a Time Season 4 Review “Family Business”

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6 Family Business (2)

This week’s Once Upon a Time gave us more backstory for Belle and established her connection to Arendelle. The team continued their search for the Snow Queen, and Emma was particularly fired up to find her after learning of their past connection.

Continuing with the never-ending “lost memory” story, Belle is desperate to recover the memories of the death of her mother. In her flashback, she recalls cowering with her mother under a table and being discovered there by a hideous ogre and then she blacks out. When she comes to, her mother is dead When Belle decides that magic is the way to recovery, her father warns her that magic always has a price. She ignores him and heads to Arendelle to chat with the rock trolls.

It’s disappointing to see Belle act as sneaky as her husband. She tells Elsa that she doesn’t know anything about Arendelle or Anna. Yet, we see in the flashback that this is not true. It’s also shocking that she is willing to use Rumple’s knife against him. She’s only had the dagger a short time and is already busting it out. Of course, it’s not the real dagger, but she doesn’t know that. I almost felt bad for Rumple, and then remembered he’s a big liar and shouldn’t have given her the fake dagger in the first place. I’m wondering if Belle learning about the power of the sorcerer’s hat is foreshadowing for an eventual confrontation with Rumple. Now we know that she’d be willing to use the knife, would she also be willing to use the hat to strip him of his powers?

Back in Arendelle times, Anna is suspicious of her long lost aunt. She goes to consult the rock trolls on who this woman really is and takes along her new acquaintance, Belle. She learns from the troll that her mother had two sisters, Helga and Ingrid. We don’t know yet what happened with Helga. Belle is also given a rock that will bring back her memories. As the women head back home, they have an accident that leaves Anna at the bottom of a cliff and Belle’s memory rock shattered. Poor Belle realizes that if she hadn’t hesitated, she could’ve saved Anna from falling.

It was such a sad scene when Belle later confessed the details of this incident to Gold, while begging his forgiveness for using the knife. The entire time, Gold looks guilty, because he knows he’s lied to her. There will be a reckoning one day when Belle will learn that he has kept things from her. She shouldn’t be surprised, but it will undoubtedly destroy their relationship. Which I’m guessing would result in a full-on magical, roid-raging Rumple.

My enthusiasm over the Snow Queen continues to wane. Something about the character is not working. I like Elizabeth Mitchell, but just not in this role. I also do not like the Snow Queen’s costumes. I think it’s the high collar around the neck. It looks cheap and it’s ill fitting. This is a nit, but the Frozen costumes are so great that I expected more for the Snow Queen. I hope that they wrap this up before the midseason break.

We got in a little quality time with Regina. She delivers the best line of the episode when referring to Hook as Captain Guyliner. I was absolutely floored when she told Robin that he should forget about her. I would never in a million years have expected that kind of self-sacrifice from her. It really demonstrates how far she’s come. I also would’ve liked to spend a little more time with this scene. I’m sure it will be explored more later, but it was more interesting than the Snow Queen stuff.