Resurrection Season 2 Review “Afflictions”

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 6 Afflictions (11)

On the latest episode of “Resurrection,” the plot thickened ever so slightly, in “Afflictions.” We started with an iconic image, straight out of the “Lost” playbook- a young girl miraculously survives a plane crash that killed everyone else, ending up in a field, still in her seat, with the row still attached. Flash forward and it would appear that the girl in question was none other than the “Elegant Woman,” aka “Government Bitch,” as Bellamy not so fondly (or elegantly) refers to her as. We also finally got a name to go with the nickname: Angela Forrester.

Turns out that Forrester is a statistician of uncommon skill that has a knack for predicting when and where the return will come, how many of them there will be, and how long before they will disappear- or so she claimed. She’s also fixated, for obvious reasons, on plane crashes and plane-related phenomena. Maybe the powers that be should have hired her to look into the whole missing Malaysian plane thing- or the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon, for that matter.

She tells Bellamy that he and others have a form of the Spanish flu brought back from the 30’s era that has since mutated, and is causing all the sickness amongst the returned. The good news is that they have an antidote that can help slow the process, if not cure it entirely. The bad news is, they don’t give him a lot of it, and most of it he gives away to Maggie later on- though he isn’t above keeping a little himself, understandably.

Bellamy also discovers that he’s a twice-returned: once recently, and previously in 1972, after having died in a flood as a baby the same year he was born, 1934. His real name is Robert Thompson, and his parents were the couple he met and helped in the last season in the finale, if I recall correctly. The bad news is that they’ve already succumbed to the flu and disappeared. The good news is that his heretofore unknown sister, Jenny, has not and Bellamy gets to talk to her, agreeing to take her in after she’s successfully been treated for the virus and cleared.

So, definitely a lot of movement on the Bellamy front, if not elsewhere. Margaret continued to lie about her involvement in some of the shadier things going on in town, though Fred finally saw through her lies when he found out that Barbara had disappeared, and confronted her about it. In true Margaret fashion, she didn’t budge an inch, allowing only that it was just as well that Barbara was gone, as she was nothing but trouble anyway. Pretty harsh.

The only other major developments were that Henry was approached by a mysterious man, who went by the name of Brain Addison, about investing in the reopening of his factory, who turned out to have a grandfather younger than he was- aka a returned- with a clear axe to grind with the Langstons. Also, Bellamy left a cell phone at the government facility he was held at, in order to trace the call and discover where they were really located, and Elanie’s brother Ray is involved in an anti-returned movement called the “True Living” who keep tabs on the returned and where they live and what their activities are, criminal and otherwise.

That was about it, but that was more than we usually get, so I’ll take it. My only misgiving is that the show didn’t get the back half of its season renewed, which means that the last few episodes might be the last, so if they didn’t have an ending planned for the mid-season finale, we might be left hanging, which would be unfortunate, after all the crazy stuff that’s gone down. Maybe we’ll get lucky and another network- or Netflix- will pick it up and let them at least finish out the series.

Otherwise, we might get stuck with whatever the show came up with for the next few episodes and that’s about it, which would be too bad. I hate when you invest in a show and it doesn’t end up flying- it’s kind of the worst. But what are you gonna do? I suppose there’s always the foreign series that inspired it, which is available on Netflix, as the more aptly-titled “The Returned.” (That one is self-contained BTW.)

What did you think of “Resurrection” this week? Sad we might not get all the answers after all? Or do you think the show has run its course by now, anyway? What will become of Bellamy when he runs out of the antidote? Or the other sick returned for that matter? Who is this Addison guy and what’s his grandfather up to? Does Margaret have an endgame, and, if so, to what end? How about the “True Living”? (Did that plot element remind you of “The Leftovers”?) Sound off below and see you next week!