The Originals Season 2 Review “Red Door”

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On another solid episode of “The Originals,” the showdown between the various members of the Mikaelson clan continued as per usual, with a few new interesting wrinkles cropping up along the way, in “Red Door.” In one corner, we had Elijah, still being held captive by mother Esther, aka Lenore, who was determined to make him see the error of his vampire ways and usher him into becoming mortal again, albeit with witchy powers. In the other corner, we had Klaus and his father, continuing the bait-and-switch of trying to dupe and kill one another by any means necessary. Meanwhile, there was also Kol, who was trying to foil Davina’s plan to unlink Klaus from his progeny at his mother and brother Finn’s behest- or was he?

Interwoven in between all of this was a flashback featuring everyone’s favorite doppelganger, as ever played by guest-star Nina Dobrev, aka Elena/Katherine from “The Vampire Diaries,” here playing Tatia, who, as it turned out, was caught in a love triangle even then, between Klaus and Elijah. She chose Elijah, but then discovered that a slaughter in the village was the handiwork of Klaus, who was only just realizing that he was part werewolf at the time, and still a relatively good person. As such, Elijah, after seeing that Tatia was aware of what Klaus had done, compelled her to forget, only for her to run afoul of their mother, who drained the poor girl of blood to be used to weaken Klaus in the spell mentioned earlier this season.

Or so Elijah thought, at least. As it turned out, if Esther is to be believed- and that is by no means a given- then it was actually Elijah that killed her to protect his brother from being found out. Upon seeing that there was no hope for her, Esther then took advantage of the situation and used the blood, as aforementioned. Or so she says. Given that Elijah was still new at being a vampire, it makes sense that he wouldn’t be good at compelling as of yet, though killing the woman he loves seems out of character. Still, it wouldn’t be the first time a newly-minted vampire did such a thing, so it’s certainly plausible.

Still, as we saw at the end, Esther is actively messing with Elijah’s mind, not only making him hallucinate excessively, but intentionally causing him to see things that aren’t there that are positive as well, i.e. Hayley coming to his rescue, killing Esther and kissing him before letting him feed on her to gain his strength back. I must admit, as many horror movies as I’ve seen, I fell for this hook, line and sinker and was genuinely surprised when it turned out to be a fake-out. Nicely done, “Originals.”

At the same time, I’m glad it wasn’t, as Esther is quite a formidable foe and I think we all want to see an epic showdown between her and her kids later on, not unlike the ongoing one between Klaus and his father. That one nearly did come to a head tonight, as Mikael was successfully able to stake Klaus with the oak stake, only to find out Davina and Kaleb/Kol had done a spell to hold the stake’s powers at bay long enough for someone to hopefully take it out of him, which Cami did indeed end up doing, saving Klaus’ life in the process.

Mikael might have still taken care of Klaus, as he beat up Kol and bit Davina in short order, and went back in to finish the job, only to be blindsided by both Hayley and Marcel, who managed to effectively scare off Mikael to live to fight another day, which he no doubt will, as far as Klaus is concerned. Davina also managed to reclaim the stake, so she’s got that going for her, along with an able assist from Kol, who did indeed end up siding with her in the end.

That was about all she wrote, but it was such a non-stop, action-packed episode, that I didn’t really mind that there wasn’t much in the way of character development, save the Elijah flashbacks, and who knows how much of that was real or not? Besides, sometimes these shows get bogged down in the drama/romantic sides of things that it becomes a bit much, so I’m not going to complain about having more action than drama, because it was a well-done episode, and I really thoroughly enjoyed overall. No complaints here.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Did you miss the drama, or were you down with the more action-oriented approach? Do you think that Esther was telling the truth about Elijah having killed Tatia? Will Elijah cave, or will Klaus and company get to him first? What will Mikael get up to next? How about Esther? Make your predications below, and see you next week!