Revenge Season 4 Review “Damage”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 Damage (2)

Revenge bounced back from a rough outing last week with “Damage,” an episode that managed to push several story arcs forward. Admittedly, there wasn’t actually a whole lot that happened, but the big David interview offered one heck of an effective scene, one that raised the whole episode to another level.

It was good to see Emily back on her game after some weird decisions last week. She’s spent the majority of her life dealing in lies, so it makes sense that she would be able to tell there’s something off about David. And we of course know there is, at least to some degree, given the way he was lashing his own back a few weeks ago. That said, it’s also understandable that Nolan would want to believe him, as David is the man that changed his whole life. He desperately wants to trust him out of loyalty to the man he used to be.

Of course, as is often the case, this led to Nolan being the one to take a big hit, having David public denounce him as a traitor for not giving “Amanda” the money she was owned. We know he did give it to the right person, but Emily’s plot has left him incapable of explaining the truth yet, not without telling David that his daughter’s still alive. It’s hard to see Nolan hurt like this again, but it speaks to the likability of the character that we can still feel so connected to his struggle.

So, how about that bizarre non-kidnapping arc with Charlotte? Really, what was the point of having her one-night stand end up as a kidnapper if he was just going to die right away? Ultimately, I guess it was a way to get her talking with Emily again, but it’s hard to think there’d be any impact for Charlotte to hear another awful truth about her mother. At the very least, this led to her finally making a positive move, distancing herself from the Emily/Victoria conflict and entering rehab.

Jack as a cop continues to be as random a shift in the plot as ever, something that’s accentuated by his partner Ben’s role in the plot. This is a character that’s been in every episode so far this season, but I’m only just now mentioning him. It’s weird to have this secondary investigation going on, especially as Emily gets back to looking into everything herself. Oh, and while we’re talking about characters just introduced this season, Louis is still being a nutty stalker; not much more to say there.

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