The Good Wife Season 6 Review “Message Discipline”

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The Good Wife returned tonight with “Message Discipline,” as Cary has to deal with another bump in the road in his trial, and Alicia finds out about a possible new candidate in the state’s attorney race.

Cary has yet another issue to deal with, as a problem he had as a deputy SA with a Lemond Bishop case came back to bite him. I’ve made it perfectly clear how tired I am of this Cary case in my previous reviews, and it’s no less true here. The only upside to this whole storyline is seeing the impact that it has on the relationship between Kalinda and Cary. Kalinda is a character that they’ve had a lot of trouble writing compelling storylines for throughout this entire show (a possible reason for her leaving the show soon), so I”m always happy when they find ways to use her. Having to stay 30 feet away from Cary, but still wanting to help him, was great. I also loved that she refused to text back after Cary said he missed her. Kalinda has never been a very romantic person, but she shows her love in other ways by hunting down a witness for you or sending subpoenas to governors. Unfortunately the witness died and the subpoena didn’t work, so we’re back to square one next week. Lovely.

Speaking of that subpoena, we got to see Connie Nielsen’s character Ramona Lytton in action for the first time tonight. There wasn’t a whole lot to it, but she’s perfectly suitable for what she is. I’m a little sick of this show and the whole “I’m struggling in court and don’t know what to say up until the moment when I flip a switch and am suddenly able to say the perfect thing” routine. Everybody has done it so many times, with Ms. Tascioni doing it just last week, so I’m a little tired of it by now. Hopefully she gets something more important to do later on.

David Hyde Pierce made his triumphant return to television as Frank Prady, a political commentator for CBS. Pierce is an underrated actor whose fast talking and wit fits him perfectly into this show, so I’m thrilled to see more of him as the season goes on. I loved how Alicia just flipped a switch in that final scene as she went from friendly to fiery without batting an eye. It’s possible that Prady was telling the truth, and really wasn’t planning to run. Alicia wasn’t planning to at first, after all! It doesn’t matter though, as he is now Alicia’s enemy and must be destroyed. Seeing her transform into beast mode is always fun, so I can’t wait to see these two go toe-to-toe.

I’m liking Steven Pasquale more and more as the season goes on. His interview prep scene with Alicia was a lot of fun, and they’ve differentiated him enough from Eli to make his role make sense. It seemed like Eli could have been doing his job up until now, but this week showed they have very different energies and sometimes conflicting strategies.

So Finn Polmar finally resigned! I thought he would have done this a long time ago, but he’s finally free and will probably be taking up residence right underneath Alicia. Here’s hoping they can keep these two characters as friends, and not feel the need to hook them up. I always enjoy seeing them drinking together, but giving them a romance subplot would be way too ordinary for this otherwise extraordinary show.

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Random Thoughts:

– Is this the first time they just blanked out a swear word like that, with Alicia’s dropping horses*** during her interview prep? They’ve had a few other ways to bleep out swear words in the past, but never just silencing them like that.

– Does Polmar not know Kalinda? He’s been around Alicia and the rest of her pals for so long that I just assumed that he would have met her. Or maybe he would have heard her talk in court? Kalinda has a very distinctive voice, so you’d think he’d know who was calling him.

– Where was Marissa Gold this week?! Isn’t she supposed to always be around Alicia?!