‘Transporter: The Series’ (TNT) Episode 5 & 6 “12 Hours/Payback”

Transporter: The Series episodes 5 & 6 “12 Hours/Payback” premiere Saturday, November 1st at 9PM ET/PT on TNT.

Episode Synopsis: Transporter: The Series episodes 5 & 6 “12 Hours/Payback” – Frank transports a stolen microchip that contains information about weapons technology, but the device is rigged to kill him unless he can deliver it in 12 hours or convince the client to turn it off. Frank is accused of embezzling by a Russian gangster who doesn’t believe his package was robbed, and is eventually reunited with his former Special Forces comrades when all their lives are in danger.

Show Summary: Transporter The Series centers on Frank Martin (Chris Vance), a professional “transporter” paid to pick up and deliver people or cargo from anywhere in the world. Frank is the very best at what he does and handles only the most difficult dangerous and assignments. Transporter The Series features dry wit, exotic locations, heart-pounding action and nail-biting suspense.