Haven Season 5 Review “Exposure”

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Nowhere Man (5)

My fears that something was wrong with Audrey Parker were completely dispelled this week. She was largely on her own trying to solve the problem of Nathan’s disappearance while Duke attempted to pull information from Mara. This alone time seemed to help Audrey regain her footing and her role within Haven. We still didn’t get an Audrey/Mara confrontation, though.

This week, Audrey continues to grapple with the Trouble that has sent Nathan to the spirit realm. Audrey recruits Seth Byrne to help her communicate with ghostly Nathan. She figures out that the Trouble is manifesting through the farmer’s market photographer, Amy. I liked the way that the Trouble had evolved from the initial version that Mara had created – which involved people who were painted disappearing. This was a nice way to work in the prior mythology. I would have expected Audrey to be able to connect the dots that printing the photo was the key, without help from Mara. Regardless, the day is saved when Amy’s grief over the loss of her fiancé is resolved and her Trouble falls dormant.

I was less enamored with the Vince/Dave story this week. Dave has a huge hole in his leg that he’s not particularly concerned about having treated. This makes no sense. I know that he’s paranoid about a connection being made to some extraterrestrial bacteria (or whatever) if the leg is treated, but come on – he has a gigantic hole in his leg! He should have had it treated back in Haven where they would’ve had more control over the doctors. It’d be pretty easy to explain that someone’s freak Trouble must’ve caused it. Then nobody would’ve raised an eyebrow. However, I understand that Dave’s refusal to have it treated is now the pretext for getting the CDC involved. This just lacks some credibility and I think there could’ve been a better way of bringing the CDC into town. There’s no way Dave could actually function with that kind of wound.

There is an interesting tension developing between Mara and Duke. Mara convinces Duke to open up about his mother. The story he tells her is pretty sad. His mother was largely absent and more interested in her son as a means for obtaining welfare checks. I wondered if Duke was feeding Mara a phony story, but by the end it definitely felt real. Mara’s reaction to Duke’s tale was curious – she actually seemed emotionally impacted. I would’ve expected Mara to laugh at his misery. Not only didn’t she laugh at him, she almost seemed attracted to him.

This brings up the new dynamic that will be potentially huge between these two. Mara asks Duke why he hasn’t tossed her overboard now that they know she’s not connected with Audrey. She suggests that he has another reason for wanting to keep her around – and I think she may be right. What would it be like if Duke hooked up with Mara? It’d be like all his Audrey dreams come true – well, kind of. While I can kind of get behind the idea, it would also be weird that there’s an “Audrey” for Nathan and one for Duke. Kind of creepy. But, it would also make sense because Duke does have a darker side than Nathan which might make him a good match for Mara. Colin Ferguson tweeted at the end of September that he was heading to Haven, which means we should be seeing William soon. What would a William/Duke faceoff for Mara’s affections look like? It would be pretty awesome.