Haven’s Executive Producers and Guest Star Laura Mennell Discuss Science Coming to Haven


This Friday, October 31st at 7PM ET/PT on Syfy, Laura Mennell (Alphas) makes her grand entrance on Haven as Dr. Charlotte Cross, an epidemiologist from the CDC who believes Haven is on the brink of an outbreak. Haven has always been a place where the supernatural has reigned supreme, but the introduction of Charlotte will bring a dose of science to the town and possibly even a cure for The Troubles. At least it will if Charlotte can convince the townspeople to stop trying to keep her in the dark.

Recently, TV Equals joined in a conference call with Mennell and Haven executive producers Matt McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton to discuss the character of Charlotte, what her introduction to the series means and more.

Who Is Charlotte?

Many strangers have passed through Haven over the past five seasons, but precious few have lived to tell the tale of the strange happenings in the seemingly quiet Maine hamlet. However, Charlotte’s entrance is prompted by the odd goings on and she is going to be much harder to keep quiet thanks to her official title. Mennell explained Charlotte is an “intelligent, inquisitive, worldly women” who is extremely focused on her work. When she gets her hands on Dave’s lab results after a hospital visit on his road trip she is tipped off that there is something potentially dangerous happening in Haven.

As with all Haven characters, expect there to be more to Charlotte than immediately meets the eye. “She has a little bit of a mystery to her which I didn’t necessarily know about coming into it all and it’ll take a little while to sort of discover what her true motives are you know as they unravel which is the fun part,” Mennell said. “I mean that’s what I really love. There’s definitely some really great reveals with her and that was something I didn’t necessarily expect coming into the sho

Can Charlotte Be Trusted?

Mennell, McGuinness and Stanton played coy when the topic of whether or not Charlotte can be trusted or not came up. They suggested the more important question is will Audrey, Duke and the others be able to trust Charlotte? According to Mennell, her character will be spending quite a lot of time with Dwight, who will be focused on keeping Charlotte distracted. On the subject of trust, McGuiness revealed, “Some will and some won’t and that’ll create really good conflict I think. Some people will recognize Charlotte for the potential threat that she either is or could be, and other people will begin to see her as someone who may actually be a big benefit to the town. And those people will have obviously completely different viewpoints and find themselves in conflict about what to do about this CDC agent.”

Mennell chimed in with her own thoughts on the subject. “Part of the fun of this new introduction of Charlotte being this CDC — epidemiologist working for the CDC because I mean, yes, generally speaking she does pose a bit of a threat which is kind of interesting coming into town, coming into Haven, not only as an outsider but as this women working for the CDC where Haven’s secrets could be exposed to possibly the worst person possible. But yes, I mean throughout this season you’ll get to see whether she is a threat, whether she’s not a threat, whether she possibly could help.”

The one thing everyone agreed on is Charlotte will be playing a big role in the series moving forward. Expect the character to make waves across town as she gathers information that no one, not even the audience, will know about.

On Dave Leading Charlotte to Haven

After years of trying to keep prying eyes away from Haven, it is Dave who ultimately brings an official to the town who could reveal everything about Haven’s secrets. The irony of this development is not lost on the executive producers. “Dave basically is on a road trip and in [episode] 506 he has a car accident where he gets taken to a hospital,” McGuiness explained. “The hospital is in North Carolina and as part of the, his regular exam, they discover this odd wound on Dave and what we know, but they don’t know, is that that wound is actually a trouble related wound and the pathology of that wound I’m sure, made Charlotte’s eyes pop out of her head when she saw under the microscope.”

Stanton chimed in, “It’s kind of interesting that Dave would be the one that kind of ended up leaking you know, this vision.”

Mennell on Being Directed by Lucas Bryant

Lucas Bryant, who plays lovelorn cop Nathan, makes his directorial debut with the game changing episode that introduces Charlotte. Mennell had nothing but positive things to say about her new cast-mate’s directing style. “I’m very much a part of the story constantly but I was lucky enough to get to be directed by Lucas who again is a great, wonderful man and super talented,” Mennell said. “He’s a great actor and so I was curious to see what he’d be like as a director and he’s a lot of fun. He’s really, really supportive to his actors and his crew.”

Mennell’s admiration for Bryant was only increased by the episode’s tone. Charlotte and her different view on the world will put a new twist on Haven and the Troubles resulting in an episode that is, according to Mennell, “a lot of fun and super weird.”

What do you think Charlotte’s impact on the series will be, Haven fans?

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