‘The 100’ (Season 2): Bravery, Courage and the Search for Truth

The 100 season 2 cast

With the airing of the first two episodes of the second season of the post-apocalyptic drama The 100, viewers have seen bravery, courage and the search for truth played out by all of the lead characters.

Raven (new series regular Lindsey Morgan) – who was shot at the end of season one – is awake and alert thanks to the help of new-to-the-ground Dr. Abigail Griffin (series regular Paige Turco) and her assistant Jackson (recurring guest star Sachin Sahel). Her courage was fully on display when she withstood the excruciating surgery performed by Abigail to remove the bullet that was lodged against her spine. Without the surgery, she would be permanently paralyzed, but with the surgery there was the chance she could walk again.

Clarke (series lead Eliza Taylor) – still suspicious of the good intentions shown to her and the other teens by President Dante Wallace (guest star Raymond J. Barry) and the others at Mount Weather – reinjured her arm in order to gain access to the medial room in the hopes of finding out the secrets behind the Mountain Men. And that she most certainly did, but more on that shortly.

Chancellor Jaha (series regular Isaiah Washington) – who sacrificed himself to stay on The Arc while allowing the rest of mankind to make a last-ditch attempt to reach Earth – found the courage – albeit it thanks to lack of oxygen and visions of his late son Wells both as an infant and a teenager (recurring guest star Eli Goree) – to reach one of the lingering pieces of The Arc that did not fully explode and escaping on a missile that propelled him to Earth.

Octavia (series regular Marie Avgeropoulos) – who was (to a certain degree) rescued by Lincoln (new series regular Ricky Whittle) in the season one finale – showed her bravery [after having her wounded leg tended to by the Grounders’ village healer Nyko (guest star Ty Olsson)] in facing down the Grounders to get Lincoln back only to watch him (and Nyko) be taken by the creepy and reviled Reapers.

Finn (series regular Thomas McDonell), Bellamy (series regular Bob Morley), Murphy (recurring guest star Richard Harmon), Sterling (recurring guest star Keenan Tracey) and Monroe (recurring guest star Katie Stuart) – spurred on by Abigail and Miller’s (recurring guest star Jarod Joseph) dad – have set out from the wreckage of The Arc to track down the remaining teens from the original drop ship and that not only takes bravery and coverage but also a deep desire to search for the truth about what happened after the battle with the Grounders and the Reapers.

As for the Mountain Men, they are obviously up to no good if what Clarke discovered hidden within the walls of the medical unit – Anya (recurring guest star Dichen Lachman) and many other unidentified people (presumably more of the Grounders) – is any indication. What exactly will Clarke do next is anyone’s guess. And, what will Octavia do next to retrieve Lincoln? And, where on Earth did Jaha land because it was a much different landscape for which he landed upon than where the teens and the adults ended up.

SIDEBAR: How about that cool new opening title for the show? It incorporates very cool sequences and visuals and while not completely reminiscent of the opening sequences for the retooled Battlestar Galactica, it sure is on that level (at least in my opinion).

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The next new episode of the sophomore season of ‘The 100’ will air Wednesday, November 5 at 9/8c on The CW.