NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “Black Budget”

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Sometimes work takes you to North Carolina (which is where I was Monday and why this review is coming tonight), and sometimes it takes you to Tijuana. And I thoroughly enjoyed the NCIS: LA sojourn south of the border in “Black Budget.” I was not expecting to like the episode but came out of it hoping that Sam and Callen can make another visit to Carmen’s family again.

All in all, it was a great stand-alone episode. The guest stars were interesting and fun to watch. First off, anything with John Billingsley is going to be great. Too bad his poor Doug was set up to be the fall guy in the fake Delta Duster/Milton operation. Then there was Carmen and her family. Her sassy mom was played Diana Maria Riva, who did great work on The Bridge (speaking of which, so did John Billingsley). Then you had the grandma who hit Milton over the head with the frying pan. Finally, there was Carmen and her two sisters who all had a great rapport with each other. Their lusting after Callen was hilarious and provided some fantastic comedic moments. But Carmen also had a sincerity that showed as well. Her family lost their father to the cartels, and Milton became the desperate hope to escape to a new life. While that didn’t work out (thankfully), I was glad to see that Callen and Sam left the majority of the embezzled money to them (that would have been destroyed by the government anyways).

On the Kensi and Deeks end, I thought just enough time was allotted to them and their dealings at the Department of Defense. Hetty and Nell were more on the sidelines, but the recent focusing on them in prior episodes didn’t make me feel like I was losing anything. Also, I was liking Granger quite a bit this go round. I actually hope Nate is the leak now (assuming the plot goes back to that– and I hope it does).

I could understand where some may have not liked the comedic aspect to Carmen and her family, but each of the actresses committed themselves nicely, and I was glad to have another Sam/Callen focused story. Considering that next week looks to be an intense one dealing with Sam, the lighter fare worked very well now.

Favorite Quote

“Are you eating the crime scene?” Let’s be honest, it would not be surprising to see Deeks actually do that.

Favorite Moment

A tie between the grandma & her frying pan and all the girls kicking Milton after discovering that he was involved.