5 Things You Should Know About Constantine

John, Astra, Liv, Manny, Chas - Constantine

Constantine premiered on NBC on Friday, Oct. 24 at 10 pm EDT. It follows Grimm which premiered its 4th season that same night at 9 pm EDT.

Full disclosure, I have not read the comic books this program is based on (The Hellblazer series, DC Comics) nor seen the movie Constantine which starred Keanu Reeves. I am however a big fan of all things supernatural, so there is that! It is my understanding from what I have read that the TV series will be closer to the source material than the movie was.

Angels, demons and the humans that hunt them and associate with them are very popular at the moment. We have one of my favorites, Supernatural, currently in its 10th season. Then there is also Dominion on Syfy, which is a sequel to the movie Legion. And let’s not forget Sleepy Hollow on Fox, which also has an apocalyptic theme.

So what would be good to know if you are thinking about watching this new program? Keep reading!

Tortured Soul

John and Astra - Constantine

John is a complicated man. But, if you think about it, so are just about all of the heroes on TV today. However, he takes it beyond complicated into the realm of tortured. In fact in the pilot he describes himself as a “nasty piece of work.” His mother died giving birth to him, a fact his father apparently blamed him for and reminded him of every day. This event is what started his interest in the occult, because his goal is to raise his mom from the dead. He has learned to raise other life forms but not his mother, or as he puts it, “not yet.”

Then there is the matter of a young girl named Astra who died and whose soul has been condemned to hell. We don’t know much about this yet, but John was somehow responsible. Also in the process his own soul was condemned to hell once he dies. However, the angel Manny implied in the pilot that it might be possible for John to save his own soul. John is tortured with guilt about what happened to Astra, and he desperately wants to save her from eternal damnation.

Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts

Business card - Constantine

John Constantine’s business cards are certainly interesting! With his self-deprecating manner, he expresses regrets for the latter, saying more than once that he needs to change the cards because he is “not wanting to put on airs.” In the pilot, we saw him using his exorcist powers to send demons fleeing from the hapless bodies they possessed. He also used his demonologist powers to trap a demon and send him back to hell.

He is very familiar with all kinds of incantations, spouting them with equal parts ferocity and graceful aplomb. He is a handy fellow to have around when under attack from dark forces. I know I am curious to see more of his powers!

His Charming Accent and Quick Wit

John and Liv - Constantine

John is British, which means for those of us that live in the US, he has an accent. This is very shallow, but in my opinion, when a person with a British or Australian accent says something, it seems more interesting. Maybe it is the Harry Potter effect…

John is also very smart, which is most likely a requirement when you are dealing with demons and the like. He quickly susses out danger and deception and figures out his next move to stay alive and keep others alive too.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

John and Manny - Constantine

So, full disclosure, I am a big old ‘fraidy cat. I cannot watch some programs if I am alone in the house, or if I do, then I cannot sleep with the lights off. Despite this, I do very much enjoy watching shows with supernatural themes.

Like Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow and Dominion, this program deals with an apocalyptic theme. Something bad is coming, worse than your ordinary snake in the grass type of demons, and John is needed to stop it.

Supporting Cast

constantine nbc cast 01

John is aided in his mission with interesting supporting characters. Manny, the Angel, has a strained relationship with John, but despite John telling Manny to take a hike, that is not going to happen. Manny considers John essential to stopping whatever evil this way comes.

Then there is John’s oldest friend, Chas Chandler, who has “survival skills” that come in handy when under attack by dark forces. In the pilot, he is literally skewered by a live electrical power line, and yet later on he is alive, so yeah, I admire his survival skills!

The one strangeness in the cast is that the pilot dealt with John protecting Liv Aberdeen, the daughter of a friend. She inherited her father’s powers of being able to see spirits. However, at the end of the pilot, she leaves, not being able to cope with her heritage. The story is that she was written out due to the producers wanting to take the show in a different direction, and instead they will bring in another character from the comic books, Zed Martin, who is part of the occult world and can keep up with John. But, we will have to wait for the next episode to meet her.


Did you watch the pilot of Constantine? What did you think of it? If you did not watch it, will you give it a try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!