Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Review “The Separation of Crows”

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8 The Separation of Crows (2)
Welcome back, fellow Sons of Anarchy fans! Something magical happened on last night’s episode. Indeed, it was not the revelation that we’re still waiting for this season. Nope, we weren’t that lucky. Instead, we got what I consider a pretty awesome consolation prize. It was young Abel making this expression:

This expression is officially my favorite thing this season. It captures so many expressions:
– I’m judging you.
– Really?
– You’re so full of shit.
– Girl, bye.
– Chile please.
– Do you hear the nonsense coming out of your mouth right now?

This picture is such a perfect reaction shot. It’s got the perfect balance of judgment, snark with a slight touch of intimidation. I plan to use this picture for all occasions – starting with this review. You’ve been warned!

Searching for Bobby Elvis

This review would not be complete without a few finger/hand puns:

– Bobby has lost an eye and his fingers, but on the other hand he seems pretty well-handled.

– Seriously, how is Bobby handling the pain. He was rather calm for someone who had his eye gouged out. That’s got to continue to hurt after the act, right?

– After last night’s brutality, I wouldn’t be shocked if Bobby lost his grip on reality.

– Jax no longer has his finger on the pulse of what his enemies are thinking/planning. Tyler has not been the helping hand that Jax thought he would be in the war against August.

– I think it’s pretty safe to say that after killing Jury, Jax no longer has the MC wrapped around his finger. The timing of his impulsiveness couldn’t have been worse, as the club really doesn’t need another enemy at the moment.

I really hope that the rest of Bobby’s parts remain in tact.

Jax is Pensive, Everyone Take a Drink!

For binge watchers, Sons of Anarchy is a perfect show for a drinking game. If you took a drink for each time someone exclaimed “Jesus Christ!” or each time a character, usually Jax, promised someone that the club was not going to let anything happen to another character or their family or each time you see Jax being pensive and full of regret, you’d be pretty tipsy after a few episodes. Visually, the opening to last night’s episode was stunning, as Jax quietly reflected on the violence that was threatening to take one of his beloved brothers. His interaction with Chibs, particularly the exchange of love between the two, was well written and well acted. How can you not be moved by a touching moment between Chibs and his Jackie Boy? That aside, there were a few eye roll inducing comments made by Jax. Case in point –

Jax: “How could I not see this coming? I’m out of my depth here, man . . . I completely underestimated August.”
Really, Jax? Did you somehow forget how smart August was? Did you forget that he’s repeatedly called you out on your various plays – including the one to have Damon killed and Clay set up to take the fall? Moreover, shouldn’t you have made all of these considerations before you decided to move against August? And as much as I love Chibs, he did Jax no favors by rationalizing the move against August as now being part of the larger plot to avenge Tara’s death. Jax went after August because August dared to suggest that Jax be patient and smart in his move to take out the person responsible for killing Tara.

When Jax initially set out on this plan to do right by Tara, it was frustrating to see innocent parties being killed or hurt because of Gemma’s “truth.” Jax, however, is not off the hook. He’s been reckless and sloppy in his double dealing and lies. His callous murder of Jury last night was egregious and straight out of the Clay Morrow playbook. This part of the exchange was just baffling –

Jury to Jax: You should have come to us.

Let me correct that for you, Jax. You mean Jury should have come to you and been honest after you killed the two guys he referred you to without consulting him first? In other words, I may have inadvertently screwed you over, but that’s no excuse for you not coming and telling me first that you wanted to kill me. Right. Because that would have been a really “productive” conversation full of empty promises and apologetic words that would have amounted to little, as words can’t magically bring someone back from the dead.

Jax killed Jury for daring to suggest that perhaps John Teller willingly went to the grave and for rightfully pointing out that Jax embodies everything John hated about SAMCRO. In return for that truth and his loyalty to John, Jury received a bullet in the head. I actually believe that Jury didn’t tell Lin about the Sons hitting his truck and taking his drugs. Jury had nothing to lose in that moment and it really wouldn’t have made sense for him to lie – particularly after he was very honest about wanting Jax dead. Jax has no idea who the leak is and worse yet, he lied to the club about it. Presumably, the club will figure out the true source of the leak, which will raise questions about the conversation between Jax and Jury in last night’s episode that was conveniently not overhead by anyone else. To make matters worse, SAMCRO will have to contend with August and an internal conflict that will definitely escalate in the wake of Jury’s murder. The alliance with the Mayans is tenuous at best, which leaves SAMCRO with no one but the guys at their table as their true allies. How does that work if the group finds out that their fearless leader has not been honest with them?

Is There a Breaking Point?

Like a perfect storm, the war against the Sons literally hit home at the same time that Abel’s troubles at school earned him a suspension for hitting a classmate he disliked with a metal lunchbox. Indeed, the apple does not fall far from the tree in the Teller family, where mother/grandmother, son/father and son/grandson have all shown a knack for going to town on someone’s head. That led to this gem of an exchange between Wendy and Nero, who were discussing Nero’s exit strategy –

Wendy: Jax and Gemma will never let Abel and Thomas leave.
Nero: After today, how could they let them stay?

Really, Nero? This is what you perceive as the tipping point? Not the explosion that nearly killed the boys last year? Not Abel being kidnapped and taken to Ireland and then having the Irish threaten to do it again? Not the boys losing their mother in what you’ve been lead to believe was an act of retaliation against the club?

It’s almost unbelievable that someone with so much knowledge of the club’s history would think that a few dead birds and a threat scribbled on the wall of Abel’s room would be enough for Gemma to drop everything and run off to the farm with him, Wendy and the kids. Puh-lease. This is now the second time someone has violated poor Abel’s room. Remember Agent Cohen?

Further, Nero seems to also overlook the fact that Wendy has knowledge of the numerous threats to the boys and she hasn’t been inclined to leave for some time now. I suppose Jax shooting her arm up with drugs and threatening her had something to do with that, but she looks content to live in the madness right now because she still “loves” Jax and has some sick, nostalgic connection to the mother figure who once tried to go all Kevorkian on her. They’re both fools and would be lucky to walk away from this nonsense alive.

Missing Pieces

Juice took the next step in the club’s plan to have him make amends by killing Henry Lin. Jarry continues to disappoint and waste precious screen time while Unser correctly surmises that there’s something missing from Juice’s story. Or as he put it:

Wayne: Gemma and Juice – something don’t fit.

No shit, Wayne. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. I have no faith that if Wayne figured out the truth he wouldn’t make a beeline straight to Gemma, so this all feels like a huge red herring in the “how will the beans get spilled” sweepstakes. Between Wayne, Juice, Abel and Gemma – Abel is my current frontrunner, with Gemma telling on herself being a close second.

Until next week!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did John Teller knowingly crash his motorcycle and then suffer for two days as his body joined his mind in accepting death? What moments/exchanges do you nominate for the Abel reaction shot? Just about everything that came out of Gemma’s mouth deserved the look, especially the nonsense she told to the junkie mother. I could watch an entire episode of Abel just staring Gemma down as she tries to explain what an accident is. Forget fearing the reaper, I fear the Abel! I would love to see Abel give some of that sass to Jax, but I guess that would require Jax spending more than 15 seconds with his son. Oh well.

Sound off below! Also, if you like to watch and live tweet (Eastern Time), check me out @southernbelleva.

One more for the road . . .

Oh, you’re not going to open that special delivery of Bobby parts?


Judging you!