Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Review “And the Abyss Gazes Back”

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6 And The Abyss Gazes Back (1)

Hello my fellow Sleepyheads. Let me first apologize for the tardiness of this review. I had a few very frustrating technical difficulties that took some time to resolve. Thankfully, all of that is over now and we can deal with more pleasant matters. Like a wendigo running loose on this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow.

While attempting to relax at the local bar, Ichabod and Abbie ran into Sheriff Corbin’s son Joe. Joe is a Marine recently returned from war after his entire platoon was killed. He was initially hostile toward Abbie because, as we found out over the course of the episode, he resented how much time his father spent with Abbie. After responding to a call of a disturbance out in the woods at Pioneer Point, Ichabod and Abbie happened upon a creature that had apparently killed a couple of people and eaten their organs. Eww. They found Joe naked and in shock. After some quick research, they determined that Joe was a wendigo. They set about trying to figure out how Joe got turned into a wendigo and how to cure him. They found out Henry was behind everything because Henry wanted something that was in a box Sheriff Corbin had hidden out at Pioneer Point. In the end, Ichabod and Abbie cured Joe (with a little help from Nick and Jenny) and Henry ended up with the very deadly poison that was in the box.

I must say that I was kind of disappointed to find that Henry ended up getting his hands on the poison. I thought for sure that once they figured out what Joe was and that Henry was the one who’d turned him, they would’ve switched out the poison just in case. Especially after allowing Joe to see where they were hiding the box. It’s not like Joe had done anything to really let them know they could trust him. Actually, it was more the opposite. So why would Ichabod hide the poison away right in front of him? Furthermore, it’s not like their secret lair is all that secret. Not from Henry anyway. They had to figure that if Henry was behind it, he was going to make a play for it at some point. It just doesn’t make sense to me that they weren’t prepared for it at all. I just really hate it when the powers that be have the characters do dumb things just to move the plot along.

One important thing to come out of this episode was the admission that Ichabod still loves his son. It’s not a completely surprising revelation, but it is an important one. When Ichabod discovered last season that he had a son, he was heartbroken that he never got the opportunity to know his son. He wanted nothing more than to lavish him with love and share all of the knowledge he’d gained with his son. Ichabod was devastated that that opportunity was taken away from him. However, things changed after Ichabod discovered that Henry is actually his son. He felt, if only briefly, that maybe he could get through to Henry and save him. I sense that Ichabod’s belief that Henry could be saved had started to waver until his conversation with Joe. Joe asked whether Ichabod still loved his son, and after a brief consideration, Ichabod admitted that even after all that Henry has done (and is still doing) that yes, he still loves Henry. That is significant because it throws into question how far Ichabod is willing to go to save his son. I cannot fault Ichabod at all because I don’t know any loving parent who wouldn’t risk everything for their child. The thing is, though, Ichabod isn’t just risking himself to save Henry. He’s risking mankind, and that’s a scary thought. Because when Ichabod is inevitably forced to choose, who will he choose?

This was also an important episode for Abbie because she was put in the position that Ichabod has been in for the longest time with Katrina. Ichabod has been Katrina’s biggest supporter and advocate. He has convinced Abbie to trust Katrina even though Katrina has pretty much done nothing but hide the facts and tell half truths at almost every turn. Abbie was ready to give up on Katrina a long time ago, but Ichabod convinced Abbie to give Katrina the benefit of the doubt. In this episode, the tables were turned. Ichabod was convinced that their attempt to save Joe had failed and they had to kill him before he killed someone else. Abbie refused to give up, and Ichabod chose to trust Abbie about Joe the same way that Abbie has chosen numerous times to trust Ichabod about Katrina. Sometimes you can’t really understand where someone is coming from until you’ve had to walk a mile or two in their shoes. Abbie has a soft spot for Joe because of the past they shared, and when it looked like all was lost for him, she just couldn’t bring herself to lose him. That’s what Ichabod has felt for Katrina, and I think Abbie understands that a bit better now.

While the rest of Team Crane was facing monsters on the outside, Frank was facing a much more dangerous monster. The one on the inside. He confronted Henry about owning his soul, and Henry advised him that the only way to get it back was to replace it with another. Basically, in order for Frank to get his soul back, he’s got to kill someone. The someone Henry pointed out that Frank should kill is the drunk driver who paralyzed his daughter. I must admit that for a few minutes there, I really thought Frank was going to do it. Not necessarily just to get his soul back, but because he truly hates the man and wants him to pay for what he did to Macie. I can’t say that I blame Frank. Especially after the guy said it was actually Macie’s fault for not getting out of the way. Yeah. Because how dare she walk on the sidewalk while he’s trying to drive on the sidewalk. Frank was actually doing ok until that moment. But after the guy called Macie a stupid kid who ruined his life, Frank wrapped his hands tightly around the man’s throat and began to squeeze. Luckily, he was able to pull himself back before he actually killed the man though. That’s just not who Frank is, but I also get the feeling that Henry wasn’t telling Frank the whole truth. If Frank were to kill someone, that would in all likelihood solidify the deal as opposed to breaking it. One thing I was happy about was that Frank finally told Ichabod and Abbie that Henry has taken ownership of his soul. So often folks keep that kind of information to themselves, and it usually comes up at the most inopportune times. So I’m glad Frank decided to share so that they can figure out how to fix it. I’m also glad because it kind of feels like Team Crane had forgotten about Frank, so Frank telling them what happened means they’re finally going to turn some attention to helping him get out of his current predicament. I just really want all of Team Crane back together again.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode. Ichabod’s diatribe about yoga was perhaps one of the cutest things ever. As was the fact that he seems to have discovered online gaming. It was also nice to see Clancy Brown return as Sheriff Corbin. I wish he would’ve had the chance to stick around a while longer. I’m still on the fence about Joe as an ally for Team Crane. He seems like a decent guy, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. For now. And I would be remiss if I didn’t take a minute to appreciate Ichabod’s fabulous hair. He was actually giving Sam Winchester over on Supernatural a run for his money in the hair department. I usually don’t even notice such things, but Ichabod’s luscious locks were so gorgeous they were actually kind of distracting. There were a couple times I had to rewind because I was too distracted to hear what Ichabod said. Ok. That’s my shallow observation of the night. So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?