NCIS Season 12 Review “Parental Guidance Suggested” – Can Tony Move On, Please?

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In this episode of NCIS, called “Parental Guidance Suggested,” the team catches a case of a woman whose body is found by her little girl, while Tony finally admits to something he’s been holding onto for a year.

I had something I really, really wanted to say about this episode but every time I tried to type it out, I imagine the hatred I will get for saying it and it stopped me. Then I finally had to realize that I can’t let the opinions of others influence what I say in my own reviews so here goes…

Thank goodness the Ziva subject is (hopefully) closed once and for all.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying this season of NCIS, except of course for the immature Tony moments that always seem to be everywhere. This guy that just showed up out of the blue a few seasons into the show and suddenly replaced the competent agent that Tony had been before that – I wanted him gone.

Recently, Tony’s immaturity was showing up in the form of dating every woman in sight and not sticking with any of them for more than a week. When I saw that storyline pop up in this episode, I literally groaned and rolled my eyes. I was so tired of that shtick I wanted to puke, but hopefully we’ve seen the last of it now that Abby finally got to the bottom of what’s been bothering Tony. I have to admit, I never once thought that any of this could be Ziva-related.

It was a scene where Abby got to say the words I’ve been thinking since last season, that we all loved Ziva but she left and we had to move on. It’s been a year now and I think Tony has definitely mourned long enough. So I really hope this means that we can get the old Tony back now, the one that I remember from days gone by. I also hope he can settle down into a normal relationship now, too. Because as he said to the team, nearly everyone else has somebody at this point. I think Tony really deserves it after all this time and everything he’s been through. No matter what happens, I’m excited to see his future storlyines – more excited than I’ve been about Tony’s story in a while.

Beyond the Tony drama, there was the case that I won’t soon forget for a while. Usually the cases on this show are the parts that get my least amount of attention as I’m all about the characters. But wow, when that little girl suddenly turned into a monster in the interrogation room, I felt my skin crawl. That moment is going to live in my nightmares for a long time to come as there’s nothing worse than discovering someone so innocent could be so deadly.

My favorite bits:

“Halloween, 2007, I told Abby I didn’t want to carve a pumpkin.”
“He’s still waiting for the other one to descend.” – Don’t know why, but it took me a sec to realize what Tony meant. Youch.

Tony mentioning that Ducky had “something cooking” in terms of a date. Yay!

Tony jumping from woman to woman… again? Excuse me while I yawn.

Tony and McGee being able to name all the costumes that Bishop was thinking of. Yep, they pretty much got all the couple-costume greatest hits.

Really, really wanting to see Abby’s decorations at her apartment.

Not being able to help the giggle that left me when McGee tried to suggest his cover I.D. as a former sniper. Okay, check that, I laughed my head off.

Gibbs bringing Rachel hot chocolate and popcorn. I may have to try that combo one of these days.

Gibbs building a fort for Rachel. Too freaking cute.

“Do you keep your promises?”

Okay when I saw the pictures from this episode, I never thought it was Tony who was actually running the undercover yoga class.

“I reject your negativity, McGee.”

Tony’s new yoga pose, where one grabs their weapon.

Spider? Have I forgotten too much after 12 seasons or have we never heard that nickname for Tony?

Keates standing up to Gibbs. Whoa.

Wait. Balki is a serial killer and cannibal? My brain can’t compute.

“I’m very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.”
“I do love Italian.” – Oh. My. God.

“Oh, you flatter me.”
“I must’ve said it wrong.”

Burton announcing that he ate his dog when he was a kid. ICK.

McGee watching Bishop as she nodded off.

“That’s my favorite, how did you know?”
“You fit the type: Uptight but regular.”

Keates thinking Bishop was asking her out.

Abby giving Tony a preemptive hug, and then delivering a head slap when he lied about being happy.

“I love Ziva, but she left us.”

Tony pointing out that knowing Ziva would never come back didn’t make it any easier.

“The truth is I miss my friend.”
“You have friends here too, Tony, don’t forget.”

Bishop trying to kick that door down with her tiny little legs and Tony reminding her that she had the key card.

I have seen some freaky stuff on this show, but Gibbs interrogating that little girl gave me all kinds of bad chills. That child was… WOW.

“He’ll come around eventually. I’m his sweet little girl.” – Great, I’m going to have nightmares from that line for the rest of my life.

Tony mistaking Batman for Bruce Wayne. Dang. I really would’ve liked to see him in a Batman costume. I also really wanted to see McGee in his costume. Oh, well.

Bishop as Sandy from Grease. Awesome.

Keates reminding Tony that she never called because she never knew where he went.

“I know, it’s like working in a pumpkin. But it’s home.”

“You clean up nice, Spider.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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