Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “Boxed In”

criminal minds 105 boxed in 01

As if there’s not enough to be scared of at this time of year, Criminal Minds‘ opening scene tonight revolved around a kid getting lost at a pumpkin patch and finding another kid who’s been kidnapped and beaten up! Geez, way to take one of the happiest and most innocent parts of Halloween and make it seem freaky!

Not only did “Boxed In” turn me off of taking my kid to a pumpkin patch, but then we see Hotch get called away from being able to trick-or-treat with his son. Jack is getting so big now, and he was so excited to get his authentic Darth Vader costume, and I was so bummed that Hotch was called away! I’m glad that Jessica is home to be with Jack, but part of me wishes that these people were home more often to spend time with their kids. I guess that wouldn’t make a very exciting TV show, though…

There was yet another scene today where the team got to use their skills of reading body language and profiling to tell that somebody was lying. They used to do tricks like this all the time in earlier seasons, but they really stopped recently. It’s interesting to see them doing this more often, though it’s a little gimmicky. If they can contain themselves to only once or twice per episode, then I’m fine with it.

The actual case of the week was your pretty standard fare, with the Unsub abducting kids and holding them hostage. It was nothing we hadn’t seen before, but it was elevated slightly by a great guest appearance by Pamela Reed playing the Unsub’s mother. Seeing her scold the Unsub at the end, but then still give him a hug as he’s being arrested, really showed some serious depth of the character. That’s what you’d expect any good mother to do. This lady has played the loving mom figure on every TV show from Jericho to United States of Tara and Parks and Recreation, so it was great to see her play a much darker and more damaged character.

Speaking of dark, how about that Unsub beating up the kid when he wouldn’t stop yelling? Complete with sound effects and everything! When the team found out the Unsub’s name, and his address, I assumed they were going to rush over and keep him from hurting the kid. Instead he goes and beats him, and then the very next scene the FBI shows up. We’re so well trained from watching this show that we expect the team to get there in time to save the abductee, but that wasn’t exactly the case this time. I mean, you knew the kid wasn’t gonna die, since that wasn’t the MO. I guess they did save him from being in a box for a year, so that’s something.

What did you think of the episode? Are you as happy as I was that Hotch got to see Jack in his costume at the very end? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– There’s certain things you notice when you have a 6 month old trying to sleep while you watch your shows, and I’ve noticed how incredibly loud this show is. Every cut to commercial, the opening credit sequence, just about every part of this show is loud!

– If any of you parents catch your kids egging or TPing any houses on Friday, make sure to show them this episode! That should do the trick!

– Why didn’t the Unsub just go inside the house if he didn’t want to hear the kid yelling?