Awkward Season 4 Review “The New Sex Deal”


Valentine’s Day, whether it’s the Super Bowl of drama or the world series of stalking, is always a good source of plot for high school shows. Awkward mined that particular resource this week, and Jenna’s best intentions for getting everyone back on side was the catalyst for lots of classic shenanigans.

Senior year-fever is setting in for most of the characters, and that means that romance is going to flourish left, right and center. This episode saw the return of Jakara, for one, which I don’t think anyone saw coming, and Jenna still hasn’t given up on her one-sided jealous pining for Matty.

The only person with their love life together is Sadie, who has managed to find herself a steady boyfriend just in time for everyone else’s romantic prospects to disappear. Then there’s Lissa, of course, who made the mistake of listening to what Awkward’s ill-defined gay duo had to say this week.

Jenna’s party bus was a bust, since $200 apparently doesn’t get you much, but she made the whole situation so much worse by cornering Matty during a game of ‘never have I ever’. We all know that Jenna isn’t a very nice person, and isn’t quick to consider Matty’s feelings in their twisted, mixed-up relationship, so I wasn’t surprised that her first reaction to seeing him with Gaby was to go into sabotage mode.

And thank god he was angry with her, even if it was short-lived. I like Gaby – she’s sweet and ambitious and makes Matty happy – but television rules mean that we’re maybe not meant to feel that way. Are we supposed to be on Jenna’s side with this, and hope for reunion in time for graduation?

But in direct contrast to that mess, Jake and Tamara were a joy. Seeing them reunite without any eye on some epic rekindling of their romance is refreshing, and the opposite to how Jenna reads into absolutely everything between her and Matty. I also loved Jake’s admission that the no-effort look had actually become too much effort for him, and that he’s reverting back to his classic jock look.

It’s too back their healthy outlook on teen romance can’t rub off on their friends. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.