The 100 Season 2 Review “Inclement Weather”

The 100 gave us a better idea of where things will be heading as season two moves forward in tonight’s episode. Simply put, it seems like war might be on the horizon, with all of the show’s many factions seemingly set against each other. Though they aren’t even all aware of each other yet, “Inclement Weather” paved the way for plenty of conflict down the road.

Starting with the episode’s namesake, Clarke continued to question the Mount Weather society, even as the rest of her group continued to settle in. On one level, it makes since that Clarke wouldn’t trust a larger governmental body, given the corruption that consumed her whole life up on the Ark. Still, her approach was plagued by next-level paranoia, as she tore her own arm open to get to medical and explore. Heck, she thought it was more likely Jasper had been threatened than that he was actually happy to be there. Speaking of Jasper, it’s nice to see him get a bigger role this season, serving as Clarke’s confidant inside Mount Weather.

Going to another character pushed to desperate measures, Octavia took a Grounder hostage in order to get Lincoln back. There wasn’t much to this storyline, though we did get a better idea of how Grounder society is structured. Really, this all seemed like set-up to pull Octavia and Lincoln into conflict with the Reapers, a group that could use some fleshing out beyond their cannibalistic tendencies.

Back at the Ark camp, Kane continued his “iron fist” approach to rule, harshly interrogating Bellamy and refusing to send a search party out. This certainly fits with how he thinks a leader should act, admitting no fault. But whether he wants to admit it or not, Kane is struggling with a situation he never could’ve imagined when he was still on the Ark. Guerilla warfare and Earth environments are things he could never learn about in space, so it really would be better if he just let Bellamy and the others take on a bit more responsibility. Instead, it fell to Abby to let some of the 100 go out and form their own rescue party. No doubt she’ll pay for that next week.

There were two major story arcs that felt a bit rushed this week: Raven and Jaha. With Raven, the discussion of injury, surgery, and upcoming recovery period all seemed to go by pretty fast, with very little breathing room given to any individual part. Ultimately, I didn’t mind this too much, as we’ll no doubt see Raven struggling with her new status in the future.

What I had more of a problem with was Jaha and his wacky antics up in space. I’ll admit, I was surprised to see Jaha still in the show last week, so for him to have already managed to get down to the ground really undercuts the big sacrifice he made at the end of last season. It doesn’t help that the way he got down required a massive suspension of disbelief. That said, Isaiah Washington’s performance throughout the hour, as he dealt with an imaginary baby and the ghost of his son, was evidence that he’s an asset to this show, and he’ll no doubt have his own share of trials and tribulations as he tries to find his way on the planet’s surface.

Lastly, how cool was that opening credits sequence! It’s a small thing, but its addition is just another sign of the show stepping up its scope this season, with the sequence showing off a variety of locations, Game of Thrones style.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!