Gotham Season 1 Review “Spirit of the Goat”

Gotham (Fox) Episode 6 Spirit of The Goat (3)

In the latest episode of “Gotham,” we got a look at something I can honestly say I never thought I’d see: a bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed Bullock, eager and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done back in the early days of his tenure on the force- just like Gordon was in the present day.

In “Spirit of the Goat,” Bullock got back some of that old fire, much of which died that day when his actions in catching the titular killer caused his older, wiser partner, Dix (Dan Heydaya, Cheers”) to be crippled when a trap door set by the culprit fell out from under him and he plummeted to the hard concrete floor. Burdened with guilt despite having successfully taken down the killer, it was at this point the cynicism started to creep into Bullock in earnest.

When another killer with the exact same MO turned up, Bullock sprung into action, determined to catch the killer ASAP. The question was, what with the previous killer dead, how could the current one have known the particulars of the case? Did the original killer have a co-conspirator? If not, how was it possible? Well, Gotham isn’t exactly a normal town, so who knows?

As it turns out, though, there actually was a logical explanation: the doctor made him do it. Specifically, one Dr. Marks (Susan Misner, “The Americans”), therapist to the rich and powerful, including the Hastings, whose daughter was among the current victims. The killer targeted the first born of the most powerful, rich families in town, in some sort of revenge of the 99%-against-the-1% type of deal, more or less.

But rather than do the dirty work herself, Dr. Marks hypnotized her clients to do it, targeting the very people she worked for. Not entirely sure why so much time passed between her first round of victims and the current ones, but whatever the case, she ended up with a bullet in her for her troubles, courtesy of Bullock, who figured the whole thing out- again.

Meanwhile, Gordon’s past actions also came back to haunt him, as Montoya and Allen finally got the evidence they needed to take him down for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot, and promptly arrested him, arresting Bullock for being there and covering it up, for good measure. Of course, Cobblepot isn’t actually dead, and in a case of perfect timing, walked in just as all that was going down, thus showing, much to everyone’s surprise- save Gordon, of course- that he was anything but dead.

I guess that clears Gordon effectively enough, but at what cost? Bullock certainly wasn’t thrilled and I can’t imagine Falcone will be, either. Given the very public, overt way Cobblepot revealed himself, it’s only a matter of time before he finds out, though, one would imagine. From the looks of next week’s episode, it seems as if the cops will be pulling some sort of double cross to dupe Maroni and possibly Falcone as well, with Fish looking none too amused by Cobblepot’s re-emergence, either. Hey, on the bright side, she did say that she wished she could have killed him herself, so now she’ll have her chance, right?

There was also a new character in the form of Kristin Kringle, who the erstwhile Riddler-to-be, Edward Nygma has a thing for. The feeling does not appear to be mutual, though who can blame her after he rearranged all her files and was a general creeper towards her? Aside from the obvious pun on Santa Claus- aka Kris Kringle, wink wink- I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be another potential villain in the making, so the jury’s still out there. A cursory look at the long list of potential villains the Bat-verse has to draw from did not help in that regard, either, so who knows? Could be someone we do know of and they just decided to go off-book in that particular case, in terms of her real name- if that is her real name. Wouldn’t be the first time.

This was a decent enough episode for the Bullock moments alone, which explained a lot about the character. My only real complaint was that the Spirit of the Goat character’s resolution was a bit rushed, despite two engaging bookend sequences in his/their lair of choice, both with Bullock and his past and current partners. The setting of those scenes was wonderfully gothic and atmospheric, and the scenes themselves were exciting enough. It just felt like the plotline was resolved awfully quickly to me. I mean, I get that shows like this tend to have to wrap up storylines in quick order because of the inherent structure at hand, but still, it was just intriguing enough that I wish it hadn’t been as rushed as it was.

That said, it was an interesting plotline, and the main villain(s) were pretty scary and freaky-looking, what with that “Scarecrow”-like mask and creepy lair and what have you. And I definitely liked where the episode left off, what with Gordon both cleared of any wrongdoing and simultaneously outed to a potentially even worse fate than jail. It definitely sets the stage for an action-packed next episode, that’s for sure, and I’m all for that.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Did you also wish the story had been a bit more fleshed out? What did you think of how it was resolved? Did you find Bullock’s past fascinating, too? How about the motives of the real culprit, Dr. Marks? What do you think will happen as a result of Gordon’s actions? Will Barbara take off after all? How ticked off do you think she’ll be at Montoya, now that Barbara knows she was wrong after all? Make your predictions and comments below and I’ll see you next week!