The Flash Season 1 Review “Going Rogue”

Once again, our main characters took center stage in the latest episode of The Flash, though the episode did give us our best villain yet in the form of Leonard Snart, AKA Captain Cold. Throw in a visit from one of the best Arrow characters, and “Going Rouge” ended up as the best episode of the series yet.

I’m going to start with the episode’s biggest improvement, which came in the villain department. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to make of Wentworth Miller’s delivery at the open of the episode, as it came across as a bit stilted. However, Captain Cold grew on me as the episode went on. Instead of being stilted, it became clear that he carefully calculated every word. It was great watching him open up and accept the world he was becoming a part of. That simple smile he gave upon hearing Cisco’s name for him showed off a lot of personality. So while the character got off to a rough start, I’m now excited to see him pop up again later this season – and with Heatwave in tow, no less.

The other great addition this week was Felicity Smoak, whose visit was set up in last week’s episode of Arrow. If nothing else, it was great to see her and Barry back together, as they’re chemistry was every bit the “cute nerdy” that Iris described it as. Though they won’t work out romantically, I’d love to see Felicity pop back in every once and a while just to geek out with Barry.

And more importantly, Felicity was able to give the STAR Labs team the inspiration they needed in a dark moment. Felicity’s speech was even more impactful than Oliver’s in the pilot, as she spoke to the whole team from a place of authority. Watching Team Arrow grow was a big part of the show’s first season, so she knew exactly what to say as Barry struggled with what Cisco’s distrust had led to.

It also fit to have an Arrow character around as the show went to a darker place, with Barry failing to save a civilian from Cold’s freeze gun. Beyond that, it was a weapon Cisco invented to stop Barry, further sowing the seeds of distrust. And though the team rebounded by the end, Cold got away, marking the first real failure for The Flash. Even Harrison was more outright hostile this week, yelling at Cisco for his mistake and giving him an ominous threat at the episode’s end.

Finally, I have to mention the train crash, which was easily the show’s most daring special effects scene yet. Sure, the CGI got pretty shaky here, but it’s hard to deny how thrilling Barry’s slow-mo rescue of a train full of people was. Even if the CGI remains rough, I hope the show continues to push the boundaries of what we can expect from a TV show.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!