Castle Season 7 Review “Meme Is Murder”

Castle Season 7 Episode 5 Meme is Murder (3)

A spooky Halloween themed Castle is always a guaranteed exciting way to kick off the holiday and last night’s fifth episode of the season certainly delivered. The case – the murder of a comical social media star who makes you want to avoid gyros at all costs.

Before getting into the brief homage paid to ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, the episode kicks off with Castle trying to shoot a “webmmercial.” Martha is there to help him exercise his vocal chords. The whole scene is what makes the show hilarious and gives Nathan Fillion a chance to show off his best acting as he attempts to play smooth only to topple over a bunch of his books before meeting up with Kate to head to a murder scene.

This week they offer a couple of suspects with all too obvious ulterior motives – the boyfriend who thought he was losing his girlfriend to fame, an acupuncturist who could have easily possessed the skills it took to kill the victim and the owner of a store who had deleted photos of the murder scene and the victim on his phone. It was funny and all too true to life when Esposito was just upset that the victim was famous for doing very little.

Before Beckett and Castle managed to track down the real killer – a man who was bullied in high school – we saw the killer terrorize 3 more victims, 2 of which were the creators behind a social media app. The best scene came at the end when Beckett worked her magic and closed the case.

Castle will be back on Nov. 10 with an all new episode. What did you think of Meme Is Murder? As always, leave your comments below.