‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Interview: Matt Barr Answers The Question Of Whether Hawley Is Friend Or Foe

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Matt Barr is causing quite the splash as treasure hunter Nick Hawley on Sleepy Hollow this season. Hawley’s adventurous spirit, quick wit and smarts makes him a valuable member of the team, but the question remains, can Ichabod and Abbie trust him? Recently, TV Equals joined in a call with Barr to discuss Hawley’s motivations, his romantic entanglements and his loyalties. Read on for highlights from the interview and catch an all new episode of Sleepy Hollow, tonight, October 27th at 9PM ET/PT on Fox.

Is Hawley Friend or Foe?

In last week’s superb outing, “The Weeping Lady,” Hawley saved Abbie from drowning and gave Ichabod a bow that belonged to Van Helsing. His behavior certainly suggests Hawley wants to shake his loner ways, but Barr insists the character and his motivations will never be straightforward. “As Hawley, as he realizes that in his efforts to take care of himself, he realizes that he needs Ichabod and Abbie for his own self-preservation so, ironically, it’s even selfish of him that he realizes in order to survive the apocalypse he might have to join the Scooby Doo gang in order to survive,” Barr mused. “I think he knows that he needs them as much as they might need him.”

Barr went on to discuss how Hawley’s desire for a family could lead him to stick around. Even though the character is a loner at heart, Barr is certain he is searching for something more. Still, that does make him a clear cut friend for our heroes. Hawley is at his core motivated by finances and the thrill of the chase (as any great treasure hunter would be), but he is also an adrenaline junkie at heart. “He’s driven by the drug of it; the thrill of the ride,” Barr said. “It’s about, I think, the great mystery of what’s beyond the next horizon. Even if the apocalypse is upon him here at Sleepy Hollow, he’s game.”

Hawley’s Romantic Future

Can anyone resist the roguish charms of someone like Hawley? As the character becomes more entrenched in the story, the more we are going to see of his possible romantic entanglements. Right now, Hawley has serious vibes with both Jenny and Abbie. According to Barr, Hawley’s relationships with Abbie and Jenny offer the character two different trajectories.

As Barr notes, Jenny and Hawley are similar in many ways. “He does have a history with Jenny and I think they obviously come from the same salt. They understand each other, and I think that creates a vulnerability for Hawley because he recognizes that in her, and it also scares him so I think that’s why he keeps his distance with Jenny. Again, there’s that curiosity and there’s that intoxication; the chemistry that you can’t deny.”

Meanwhile, Abbie is a challenge for Hawley, and Hawley loves a challenge. “Abbie’s a very truthful person and she does, like you said, she challenges Hawley, which is the most intoxicating thing for him because he wants to be stimulated, and he’s always on the search for the next great treasure,” Barr explained. “I think that there’s a mystery to Abbie that Hawley is really engaged by. Again, he does it for work and then in his personal life he’s always trying to find that next great mystery or whatever that treasure is. Abbie’s tough to crack. He keeps coming back, and whether he’s bold enough or stupid enough, he keeps coming back.”

Of course, Hawley’s interest in Abbie has not eluded Ichabod. In fact, Barr was quick to point out that Ichabod and Hawley’s relationship is all the more complicated because of Hawley’s questionable intentions. “Ichabod, he might be the smartest man in the room, and he definitely is. He’s not an idiot. He can see Hawley moving in on his partner. I think he balances a line of knowing that Hawley has the utility that serves the team and, at the same time, Hawley’s shifty and he knows that.”

Barr On Why Hawley Is So Much Fun To Play

When he was a child, Hawley fantasized about being a treasure hunter like Indiana Jones, so in some way Sleepy Hollow has made his childhood dream come true. As an adult, Hawley is just a wonderful character to play period. When asked about his favorite scene, Barr discussed a moment from his first episode that left him excited to delve into the character. “The first episode I filmed, me and Tom, who plays Ichabod, had a scene in a church where we’re looking at the stain glass window. It was the first time that I experienced that dynamic between Hawley and Ichabod and how fun that was going to be. As actors, I think we both got the wink of the whole joke, which was, these guys are two different people, but they’re meant to be together.”

What do you think, Sleepy Hollow fans? Should Hawley be a permanent part of the gang?

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