Resurrection Season 2 Review “Will”

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 5 Will (20)

On the latest episode of “Resurrection,” Margaret continued her scheming to keep Barbara away from her son, Fred, with little success, as it turned out- at first, at least. But where there’s a “Will,” there’s a way, as they say. It started out well enough on Margaret’s end, as Barbara was still very much reeling from the dinner from hell in the last episode. But bartender Elaine took pity on her and a sizable amount of drinks later, roped Barbara’s daughter Maggie into the proceedings, and the prospects were looking better all the time for a little bit of family healing through social lubrication.

Alas, the drinking later led Barbara to her ex Fred’s house and drunken hooking up ensued, which might have been okay if Margaret hadn’t spotted her over there the next morning and set a new plan into motion. First, she called Maggie and told her what was going on, but when she got there, Fred insisted that all was well and that they were just reconnecting, but most definitely not getting back together- or so he said, at least. Maggie subsequently told Margaret what happened and that she was staying out of it from there on out, but Margaret would not be deterred.

Sneaking out of her son Henry’s house later on that night, she corralled Barbara at Fred’s while he wasn’t there and apologized for the dinner fiasco, and asked her to come out for a walk so that they could talk in earnest. They sat on a bench in the park near Elaine’s bar and Margaret laid into her, as to be expected. Less expected, however, was what happened next.

Confirming what she told Bellamy earlier on, it would seem there was a way for people that had returned to leave for good- they had to give up, and lose their will to live- hence the episode title. After tearing into Barbara something fierce, Margaret convinced her to do just that, as an astonished Elaine looked on.

It was up to Elaine to break the news to Maggie later on, much to her shock. I guess that proves that what happened to Arthur after he talked to Margaret was a similar situation, and he likewise gave up and disappeared as well, which confirms her claims that she knows how to get rid of the returned once and for all. (It’s been a while since the episode in which Caleb disappeared, and Margaret definitely wasn’t around then, but his situation was similarly dire, so I can see him giving up as well- what with his being back in jail again and Elaine having turned her back on him, if I recall correctly.)

Meanwhile, Fred confirmed Bellamy’s suspicions about his family’s involvement in the death of 12 men in 1935, that he’d found remnants of bones at the factory and that Margaret might know more about it than she let on. She all but confirmed it to Bellamy as well, but warned him to let it go, as it affected all the Langstons, including Maggie, hinting that she knew well how he felt about her.

Nonetheless, he later came clean to her about everything, including not only the factory deaths, and her family’s role in covering it up, but that he’d given the bones to the government and lied about it to her. Though understandably upset about it, Maggie later asked Bellamy to contact the government about helping them out with the outbreak of a flu-like virus that only seemed to be affecting the returned. (Indeed, yet another disappearance occurred when Mike, Deputy Carl’s bullying brother, fell prey to the virus and eventually gave up, resulting in his going away for good this time, after having came back repeatedly, much to Carl’s chagrin.)

Alas, the government beeyatch was no help at all. Not only did she already seem to know all about the virus, but she suggested that it might all be for the best. Bellamy wasn’t taking no for an answer, however, and went after her, taking matters into his own hands. At the end of the episode, he had pulled over his car and passed out in the back seat, but in the preview for next week, we see that he eventually makes it to the government headquarters, though it doesn’t look like he fares too well, at least at first. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what really happens next week.

That was about it, save that Pastor Tom opened up a new church for the returned and their loved ones, Rachael fell ill and was in pretty bad shape when we last left her, and Jacob seems to sense that Margaret is up to something shady, though he has yet to say anything to his parents about it yet.

Still, a pretty action-packed episode, all told, what with two more of the returned vanishing and many falling seriously ill, including Bellamy himself, who might have returned from longer ago than he previously thought, if next week’s preview was any indication. All of this seems to be heading towards an even bigger revelation that ever before, and none too soon, as some solid answers would be greatly appreciated right about now. I’m still very much onboard the show all things considered, but even so, a show can only drag things out so long before it starts to get a little ridiculous, so the sooner the better for some more concrete info, IMHO.

What did you think of “Resurrection” this week? Are you ready for some bigger answers, too? Or are you generally satisfied with the pacing of the show overall? What do you think is really going on here, if you had to guess? What do you predict will happen next? What will Margaret get up to next? What is the government hiding about the returned situation that they won’t talk about? Make your educated guesses below and see you next week!