Homeland Season 4 Review “About a Boy”

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On the latest episode of “Homeland,” it was all “About a Boy”- at least on Carrie’s end, who shut everyone out to focus solely on recruiting Aayan in record time, completely unaware that all manners of crap was hitting the fan while she was devirginizing the poor kid. Alright, so he’s college age, so it wasn’t as bad as Quinn maybe made it out to be, but definitely a bit dubious morally, let’s face it. Still, if the genders had been reversed, would anyone have batted an eye, really? Carrie’s methods might be dubious, but they did get the desired results, so nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say.

Besides, I think it’s safe to say that Quinn was maybe less mad about not be able to reach Carrie as everything was going down, as he was jealous that Carrie was sleeping with someone else. Even the landlord he had a tryst with, who didn’t even know Carrie or much about his situation, knew enough to know that Quinn was clearly carrying a torch for her that he just didn’t know what to do with to save his life.

Be that as it may, heavy stuff was going down, and even though Carrie got the results she was going for, she did so at the expense of a lot of other stuff that will almost certainly put a wrench in the other parts of their operation- i.e. Saul being kidnapped on the fly, and unbeknownst to everyone, having been in the trunk of the car driven by Haqqani associate Pavez, which was headed into the forbidden territory of the mountains, which even Quinn wasn’t crazy enough to go into.

What’s more, the Ambassador’s estranged husband Boyd, after initially chickening out about going into Carrie’s apartment, eventually went into it anyway, after his wife belittled him to Redmond, as he was drunkenly about to pass out on the couch. While there, he took pictures of her child and her various medications, which can’t be good. I assumed he was going there to plant bugs or the like, but if so, they didn’t show it. Either way, that isn’t going to end well, either.

Interestingly enough, it’s Fara who seems to have slid into Carrie’s traditional position on the team. Doing the sort of things Carrie used to do before she was in charge, and going the extra mile for her job, she’s really rising to the occasion, though, unlike Carrie, you can tell she has way more reservations about the task at hand than Carrie tends to. I really have to give it up to actress Nazanin Boniadi, who’s really come into her own as Fara this season. She was always good, but she’s definitely raised her game this season, I have to say. I think she’s the real moral center of the team- and the show, for that matter. And on a show like this, morality can be a tricky thing, especially with all that’s at stake.

Also a force to be reckoned with is ISI worker Tasneem Qureshi, as superbly played by actress Nimrat Kaur. She was just fantastic throughout the episode, whether she was holding court at ISI headquarters, or intimidating the crap out of Professor Boyd without barely saying a word in that bar scene. The women’s roles on this show really are truly fantastic, and infinitely more compelling than the men. Sure, who doesn’t like Mandy Patinkin, and I’m a big fan of Rupert Friend’s work as Quinn, but for me, it’s the female characters that really make “Homeland” appointment viewing, this season more than ever. (Don’t think I’ve forgotten you, either, Laila Robins- that speech you gave in the hallway while poor Boyd lay devastated on the couch was heartbreaking- and not untrue, I might add.)

All in all, another solid episode, in a season that keeps getting better all the time. I like where all this is headed, as much as hate to see poor Saul kidnapped- though the way they went about making that happen was sort of brilliant- and it’s nice to see both sides almost evenly matched, with women in most of the power positions, no less. Well played, “Homeland.” Well played, indeed.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Homeland”? Were you surprised that Aayan told Carrie his uncle was still alive so soon? Was Quinn justified in attacking Carrie? Do you think he’s in love with her? Who’s your favorite female character on the show? What do you think will happen to Saul? What will Haqqani’s next move be? How sick is he? Will Aayan side with Carrie over him? Make your predictions below and see you next week!