Downton Abbey Series 5 Episode 6 Review


I always knew it would be Mary who would eventually pushed Edith over the edge on Downton Abbey, and it seems that a haircut, a picnic and a sociopathic lack of interest in her dead fiance were enough to make Edith skip town, her daughter and her dignity it tow.

This storyline has been going on for some time, and now it seems to have been resolved. Edith, with absolutely nothing left to lose, decided to finally take action, claim Marigold as her own to the dismay of her adoptive mother and start a new life for herself devoid of the soul-sucking indifference of her family.

It says so much that she would only confide in Tom – the outsider of the group and someone similarly kept in check – than any of her blood relatives, and a huge part of me wants her to stay as far away from Downton as possible.

Another ongoing storyline that shows no signs of stopping is that of Mr Green’s murder, although Anna and Bates did finally have a conversation this week. Bates’ story is that he bought a ticket to London but did not go through with actually killing Green, but the only evidence of that has been either lost or destroyed.

Anna is obviously quick to trust her husband’s word, but is this a pretend plot twist designed to throw us off the scent? I don’t think it was Bates, though I’d quite like for his character to be ushered away quietly, and I still think that the answer lies in Mary’s ever-complicated love life.

Which now involves manipulation and horses, as she continues to try to pass creepy suitor #1 off to his old fiance, leaving her free to do as she pleases without the fear of scandal or the inconvenience of an over-bearing husband. It seemed to be working with a little help from her friends, but I really hope it isn’t that simple after two whole series of build-up. He killed Green, I know he did…

Violet’s love life is also heating up considerably, with her old Russian lover making it clear that she is still in his thoughts. Could we see her marry again, much like Isobel is planning to do? If we’re to see Edith and Mary forge their own paths as young single women and mothers, then wouldn’t it be a nice change to focus on the romantic lives of the two oldest women on the show? Their unlikely friendship alone is always utterly charming – imagine the double dates!

We’ve two episodes left, but Tom’s storyline might have played itself out already. I can’t say I’m disappointed, since it had the potential to go to some very unplesant places, but if it was all an excuse to get him and Baxter to be friends – and for Tom to become sympathetic again – then it’s been worthwhile. And as the doctor says, for him at this time, harsh reality may truly be better than false hope.

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