Revenge Season 4 Review “Repercussions”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 Repercussions (5)

This was a rough episode of Revenge, I’m not going to lie. While this season as a whole is still more focused and interesting than pretty much all of last year, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to some of the show’s constant problems with pacing. And, in pretty much every storyline, “Repurcussions” was a pacing mess.

Let’s start with Charlotte, who should just get out of the Hamptons and try to forge her own life at this point. She’s arguably staying for her dad, but she has no legitimate reason to trust either Victoria or Emily; they’ve both done numerous horrible things to her over the course of the show. And yet, Emily hurt her most recently, so she sides with her mom instead of trying to show David the truth. And she went full-on passive-aggressive cruel at Jack’s house. It’s rare, but Jack was right; she had full-on Conrad swag going.

Actually, the major flaw with this episode was how poorly Emily and her team handled David’s return. Why wouldn’t Emily suggest Jack as their link in to meet David once they found out only family members could visit? And then, when David visited Nolan, completely on his own, why wouldn’t he just lay the cards on the table and take him to meet Emily? He may have been skeptical, but David would’ve been unable to resist the offer. It’s just frustrating to see our usually smart and resourceful characters act so stupid.

Daniel continued actively trying to avoid the more interesting storyline by advising Margaux to disengage from Victoria and putting all of his attention on Louise. And like I said last week, it’s not a bad goal for him to have on a personal level, but it makes him painfully tangential to the main plot. At the very least, he and Margaux got involved at the very end, bringing David back to the beach house.

Meanwhile, though, this week saw Daniel actually hooking up with Louise, which is surprisingly out-of-character for him. Last season, he ignored Margaux’s advances even though he was already on the outs with Emily a bit. Here, he cheated on Margaux despite how happy they seem together. He came to his senses by the end, but it was still an icky plot turn. And Louise is still a random, destructive force on the show.

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