Haven Season 5 Review “Nowhere Man”

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Nowhere Man (4)

Haven didn’t give Audrey and Nathan a lot of time to celebrate their reunion. Almost as soon as they get back to “making pancakes,” a new Trouble rears its head and causes Nathan to disappear. This isn’t the only disappointment for Audrey/Nathan fans; Nathan confesses to Audrey that since her separation from Mara, he can no longer feel her. What else can go wrong?

When the Trouble hits, Nathan finds himself exiled to the shadow world of Haven. He finds a handful of others are also stuck there and they begin to debate whether or not they are alive or dead. We know there’s no way Nathan is dead, so that means that there is some way to return him to the real world. Naturally, the one person who can see and hear Nathan is Mara.

Let’s chat for a minute about the Mara/Audrey split. I am glad that Mara is still around because I like her. With her being tied up all the time, though, I feel like her potential is being underused. Let’s get her back out there, interacting with Dave and Vince over the thinnies. How about having her give some more exposition about the realm that she comes from? Having Mara simply react to Nathan and Duke does a disservice to the richness of that character. Plus, even though she is the bad guy, it seems cruel to chain her to a chair in the cargo hold. At least get her a more comfortable chair. As for Audrey, I don’t know if it’s just because we’ve had been around Mara all season, but Audrey doesn’t seem as much like herself. I felt like she was meeker than old Audrey. I don’t know if that’s just because of the contrast in the characters, or if Emily Rose is also struggling to find Audrey after the absences.

I definitely had higher hopes for the return of Audrey. I really wanted to see her sit down with Mara and have it out. The fact that Audrey avoids her like the plague makes sense, but is still disappointing. Again, because we’ve seen some great clone interactions on Orphan Black, I was hoping for something similar from Haven. Since Mara is the only person who can see or hear Nathan, that would’ve been the perfect opportunity to have an Audrey/Mara showdown. Maybe we’ll get that next week.

I’m also starting to tire of the Guard’s incessant complaining about Mara. More than that, I’m starting to tire of the Guard. It seems like whatever mystery/mythology there was tied to that organization is gone and we’re left with a roaming band of thugs. They’re basically a mediocre foil to our Haven gang and it’s time to move on. Let’s get back to figuring out what came through the hole and what killed the people on Roanoke. That’s where the juicier story is. Next week, Alpha’s Laura Mennell joins the cast and it looks like she’s going to shake things up for Dwight. Given that Dwight is dealing with the loss of his sister, Dr. Reid may be just the distraction he needs.