The Good Wife Season 6 Review “Old Spice”

the good wife 606 old spice 02

The Good Wife returned tonight with the hilarious episode “Old Spice,” as my new favorite TV couple Elsbeth Tascioni and Josh Perotti really heated up. Can we get these two a spin-off show already? Or at least a made-for-TV movie? I seriously love every scene they’re both in, and they were by far the highlight of the episode.

Elsbeth has been a great presence on this series since the first season, but Perotti is a great recent addition to the show that has fit right in. MacLachlan is such a great actor, and he fits these goofy roles so well that it feels like he’s played and perfected the role of AUSA Josh Perotti for years now. The chemistry between Preston and MacLachlan is the kind of thing that most other shows would kill for, but it’s just so effortless for these two. I hope that MacLachlan checks back in every once in a while, even though he must be pretty busy with his roles on Agents of SHIELD and the upcoming Twin Peaks revival.

Alicia’s campaign storyline plugged along tonight as she prepared for an interview with Pastor Jeremiah. I love how blatant Alicia was when she called Grace, saying “Religion is in my life again.” It’s clearly the only reason we see Grace on this show anymore, and it cracked me up that they basically admitted that. I never really cared about Alicia’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof, so this just seemed like another bump in the road with no real impact on her campaign at all. It gave us a nice guest star with The Wire‘s Frankie Faison, and it looks like Eli’s daughter will be sticking to Alicia for the foreseeable future, but apart from that this was a nothing week for Alicia. Hopefully the introduction of David Hyde Pierce’s character next week will provide a better foil for Alicia.

Meanwhile, Cary got arrested for a silly infraction, which gave us another reason to see Ms. Grubick again. I like Grubick all right, and I like the new restrictions that will keep the star-crossed lovers of Cary and Kalinda apart, but I’m getting a little tired of Cary being in a constant downward spiral. It’s getting a little depressing to watch, honestly. Also, why is Finn going after them so harshly still? They’re no longer representing Bishop, right? Wasn’t that Finn’s reason for hounding them so much? Or did he just randomly get assigned the case?

The official news came out last week that Archie Panjabi will be leaving the show after this season. It’s clear that she hasn’t been able to get along with Alicia since they hadn’t had a scene together since season 4, and she hasn’t had a meaningful storyline for quite a while either, so her being separated from Cary is interesting. It feels like they’re removing her from all meaningful contact with the other characters to make her departure a little less painful.

So it looks like Florrick Agos is moving back into their old digs, which is also a little goofy. It was a bit anticlimactic when Lockhart walked out of her office earlier this season, and now she’s already walking back in! I know that Lee and Canning aren’t going to go away quietly, so I can’t wait to see their rebuttal.

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Random Thoughts:

– It was pretty hilarious seeing Rory O’Malley as Grace’s prayer group buddy Ren. He plays Elder McKinley on Broadway on The Book of Mormon, so it was funny seeing him in another, completely different religious role. It’s also funny that he’s 33 and in a prayer circle with a bunch of teenagers.

– This had to be the first episode in a while that Eli didn’t appear in. Maybe his Broadway commitments means he has to miss a couple episodes, and his daughter will be his proxy on some of them.

– Does Robin still work for Florrick Agos or what? Remember her?