Faking It Season 2 Review “Present Tense”


It’s Karma’s sixteenth birthday on this week’s Faking It, and Amy is using the occasion to make her best friend’s life all about her. It’s expected at this point, since the Amy who doesn’t get what she wants is one of the most conniving people on the show, but what was more unusual was that the show allowed her some positive character growth at the end.

During the entire “Best of Karmy Retrospective” that saw the pair relive old birthday memories, Amy knew that Karma was getting distracted by an unread note from Liam. Despite what she and the audience know about her and Liam, Amy was mad at Karma for thinking about someone else while they were spending time together, and she wasn’t shy about letting her know.

Poor Karma was trying so hard to push her anxiety and curiosity about the note to the back of her mind for fear of upsetting Amy, and says a lot about her character.

She even admits that it’s her loyalty to Amy – the girl she can’t return romantic feelings for – that has kept her from rekindling a relationship with Liam, and this seemed to be when the Penny dropped for Amy. As much as she wants her for herself, there’s also a part of her that wants to see Karma happy, and if that’s with Liam, then so be it.

I don’t hate Liam as much as some of the fandom, and he’s really improved this season. There’s sympathy from his family situation, depth from the way he’s dealing with the big secret, and the continued bond between him and Shane. Like Awkward‘s Matty, he has the potential to be a great characters, no matter how shallow he was when the show started.

The second plot of the episode involved the boys, a group which now includes Theo, and Lauren at a wrestling class – something Shane calls the ‘gayest thing ever’. I really didn’t care for the bet on whether the instructor was gay or not, nor the tryst that following, but what it demonstrated about Theo was fairly interesting.

There was definitely some defensiveness about the matter directed at Shane, and I wonder if Theo’s secret – the same one keeping him from maybe being with Lauren – isn’t something in that same realm. Is he gay? That feels to obvious, but the popular theory that he is also intersex also seems off the mark. My money is on him being transgender, but we’ll have to see how it plays out.

This season of Faking it is focusing less and less on the central relationship between the girls, and feels the better for it. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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