Z Nation Season 1 Review “Welcome to the Fu-Bar”

Z Nation Episode 6 Resurrection Z (3)

How weird is it that Z Nation has earned the emotional moment that started the episode? I know I’ve harped on this before, but this is a show from the makers of Sharknado and Android Cop. And yet, they’ve somehow turned this into a show where we can have an impactful eulogy for a dead character. Sure, it was weird for it to come from Citizen Z, but it was still a strong start to “Welcome to the Fu-Bar,” another strong entry in the series.

There were two main threads that drove the narrative this week, discounting the sniper contest 10K entered. The first had to do with Murphy, who continued to give in to his zombie side. At the top, he acknowledged to Roberta that he was getting worse in an attempt to snap her out of her funk. Later on, though, he lost control and actually bit someone. This was an interesting development, as he found that the guy didn’t turn once he died. So, at the very least, there’s the potential for a cure if they can get to California in time.

The other focus this week fell to Roberta, who had withdrawn into herself following the death of Garnett. Though she spent the majority of the episode silent and getting drunk, her big scene where she faced a pinned zombie and let her rage at Garnett’s death out. The writing was a bit wonky, but Kellita Smith did a great job selling the emotion of the scene.

This episode also had some downright awesome action scenes, from the bullet time shots that lead to the creation of several more zombies to the camp leader’s six-shooter take downs. However, the standout was easily Roberta’s exit from the bar, as she slaughtered several zombies with a practiced ease. She’s found her new sense of purpose and clarity, and it involves killing as many zombies as possible.

There were some definite weird moments this week, but that’s par for the course with this series. I can understand why Mack would want to abandon him and Addy the group and try to make it own their own; what I don’t get is why the others would drive off down a forked road, potentially losing track of and abandoning them. Also, while the shooting gallery contest was fun, 10K’s romantic flirtation with another random contestant was kind of bizarre, especially given his recent flirtations with Cassandra.

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