‘Transporter: The Series’ (TNT) Episode 3 & 4 “Hot Ice/Sharks”

Transporter: The Series episodes 3 & 4 “Hot Ice/Sharks” premiere Saturday, October 25th at 9PM ET/PT on TNT.

Episode Synopsis: Transporter: The Series episodes 3 & 4 “Hot Ice/Sharks” -A mission in Toronto requires Frank to pick up a package that contains sensitive information related to the African blood-diamond trade, but his task is made even more difficult by an assassination squad on his tail and a security officer who blames him for the death of a colleague. A Paris-to-Marseille race pits Frank against two other transporters with a missile contract on the line for their clients, but the competition is marred by unwanted entrants when separate gangs set out to steal their packages

Show Summary: Transporter The Series centers on Frank Martin (Chris Vance), a professional “transporter” paid to pick up and deliver people or cargo from anywhere in the world. Frank is the very best at what he does and handles only the most difficult dangerous and assignments. Transporter The Series features dry wit, exotic locations, heart-pounding action and nail-biting suspense.