Reign Season 2 Review “The Lamb and the Slaughter”

reign 204 The Lamb and the Slaughter 02

In this episode of Reign, called “The Lamb and the Slaughter,” celebrations are mixed with sadness as the land continues to show signs of the reckoning.

Knowing that Mary would lose the child she and Francis were so happy to discover she was carrying didn’t make it any less heartbreaking to watch. Before the tragedy, it was wonderful to see them joyful with the news. Unfortunately, Mary wasn’t completely happy, thanks to a fight between her and Lola. It was only a matter of time before they had it out about the baby and Francis and I’m kind of glad they got it out of their systems now, rather than hang onto the resentment for years to come. Though it will be interesting to see if Mary can continue to hold back the resentment now that she has lost a baby of her own.

I was very surprised by a couple of storylines in this episode. I truly believed every rumor about the cruelty of Narcisse and wasn’t expecting to find out that he wasn’t nearly the tyrant everyone thought he was. Who knew that Estelle had been seeing her dead family and trying to join them? It pointed out once again how the reckoning is affecting the people in the land.

The other surprise I had was Greer going to Castleroy and asking to marry him. I thought for sure after the dance she shared with Leith that we were going to see their love rekindled. As much as I like Leith, I think Castleroy is not only the better choice for her, but just a really nice guy himself. I hated seeing him hurt so I’ll be happy if their relationship works out.

Bash brought the spooky in this story once again as he and Louis went to investigate stories of mysterious riders terrorizing a shepherd. Now that Bash, Francis and even Catherine have seen evidence of spirits in the castle, there’s no denying that something is happening. Francis can keep claiming these incidents as the work of men, but he’ll have to face the facts at some point. Though I still have no idea how they are going to fix things. They are going to have to find some sort of ritual to send the dead away, but exactly where they will find it I don’t know.

My favorite bits:

“Lola, the time for anger has passed.”
“But you never really got angry with me, did you?”

Catherine calling the baby a bastard and then claiming a “growing fondness” for her grandson.

Francis offering a position at court to Leith.

Mary announcing she was pregnant.

Catherine interrupting Francis and Mary’s celebration and naming all the ways she knew Mary was pregnant.

Catherine refusing to leave their chambers and bringing in many necessities for Mary and the baby.

“I can’t be ruled by desire. It’s nothing to build a life on.”
“Isn’t it?”

The conversation about Bash and Kenna nearly breaking their bed in half.

Mary finally letting her anger out. I agree with her, she has no reason to feel any shame in it.

“You are uncommonly desirable.”
“Until I balloon to the size of a plough horse.”

The looks shared between Bash and Francis when they saw the butter sculpture.

“Despite what the law says, Estelle is a person, not a thing to be taken or given.”

Lola absolutely refusing to abandon Estelle, and Mary doing likewise. That I didn’t expect.

Mary using her powers as Queen to keep the soldiers from the carriage.

“Can you please stop feeling guilty and stay with the people who love you?”

Mary asking Lola to stay so that their children could grow up to be as close as they were.

Lola asking Mary to be her son’s godmother.

Mary refusing to ruin the baby’s christening with the news that she was losing her own baby.

Poor Mary having to hold Lola’s baby after the loss of her own.

Finding out that Narcisse wasn’t the cruel man the rumors made him out to be.

“You’ve never been in love?”
“That’s a rare jewel I’ve yet to see.’

Bash and Louis walking into the shepherd’s home to find the man insane.

Mary admitting she had wondered if the baby would have Francis’ curls. That broke my heart.

Greer’s entire speech to Castleroy.

Catherine clearing the sage and letting the little girls… erm ghosts go.

Francis bringing Mary to the balcony to see his “fireflies.”

“Whatever the future brings, you are my light.”

What did you think of this episode of Reign? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!