‘Grimm’ Season 4 Interview: David Giuntoli Dishes What Is Ahead For A Powerless Nick

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After battling countless wesens, being zombified and accepting an entire new identity, David Guintoli’s Nick is going to face his biggest challenge yet as Grimm enters its fourth season: being a normal guy. At the end of season three, Nick lost his ability to see the Wesen, as well as all of the other perks of being a Grimm, and there will be no easy fix to restore his powers. Recently, TV Equals joined a conference call with Guintoli to discuss Nick’s loss, how it affects the character’s crime solving abilities and more.

Season four of Grimm premieres tonight, Friday, October 24th at 9PM on NBC.

Can Nick Still Be A Hero?

With his Grimm powers intact, Nick was something of a superhero. His ability to see Wesens became an integral part of his identity once he realized there was a dangerous supernatural world out there. Now Nick has to deal with his normalcy, which is good for his relationship with Juliette, but bad for his work life. Guintoli discussed how torn Nick is feeling over his powerless state.

“He’s kind of enjoying his new normalcy, I think, in a lot of ways,” Guintoli said. “But he also knows that the Wesen are out there. So first and foremost he’s going to be using Trubel as his seeing eye Grimm. He is going to be tapping Monroe — which he used to do — tapping on his shoulder quite a bit. He’s going to be using his team of Wesen and Grimms to try to do what he used to be able to do. But he doesn’t have his powers anymore, and that means that not only can he not see the Wesen, he’s just not as powerful as he was.”

Additionally, Nick will be forced to question the very essence of who he is. Guintoli wondered if Nick could still be the same kind of friend, boyfriend and detective that he was before. “It’s difficult on a human level because he had this identity and it’s no longer attached to him. It’s like he lost an important job. His whole reason for living was to battle these Wesen and he had the rare blood to be able to see evil. And it’s gone.”

That does not mean Nick will lose his hero status though. Quite the contrary, in Guintoli’s opinion, what makes Nick a hero is his perseverance. “A superhero has superpowers. But heroes I think, you know, overcome. And are somehow able to lead through the peril of what life is giving them at that point.”

This twist will actually send Nick back to his roots. With no supernatural abilities to fallback on, Nick will once again have to break out his conventional detective skills. Only now, he will apply those skills to a world full of monsters he cannot see.

The Trouble With Trubel

Nick’s loss means the young Grimm Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) will be a much bigger part of his life. Guintoli revealed Trubel will be living with Nick and Juliette and become something of a daughter figure to the two characters. The only trouble is Trubel has a much harsher take on what it means to be a Grimm.

“She becomes more ingrained in the fabric of our lives,” Guintoli said of Trubel. “I desperately need to teach her what it is to be a Grimm. It’s not just a free pass to go kick Wesen ass all day long. I try to show her the finer points that, you know, you – I try to tell her that I would actually try to use the law before I would just, you know, go all rogue and Grimm.”

Nick and Adalind’s Connection

There is no love lost between Nick and Adalind, but the answer to reversing the spell lies in a newfound connection between the antagonistic pair. Guintoli kept mum on the details, but the hints he dropped revealed any reversal would be dependent on Adalind and most likely would not make Juliette too happy. “The Nick and Adalind spell links us in a very profound and mysterious way. And there needs – something goes down in order to reverse a spell that she has put on me that is just crazy.” Whatever has to happen will have an “intense effect” on Juliette and nick’s relationship, according to Guintoli.

Nick and Juliette fans, are you worried yet?

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