How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Review “We’re Not Friends”

How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) Episode 5 We're Not Friends (12)

It’s good that “We’re Not Friends” had the meaty material with Annalise and Sam because the case of the week plotline did not measure up to previous How to Get Away with Murder installments. And while I’m glad Annalise and company took on a person who wasn’t horrible for once, nothing stuck the landing. Maybe I’m just used to all the defendants being schemers with secrets. Each one of them though, as played by Steven Weber, Ana Ortiz, and Elizabeth Perkins, felt like a complete person. Not enough time was given to Ryan and his mom to have me completely invested in them. To add to that, when Ryan’s mom was on the stand, the way she spoke made me believe she killed the father and not Ryan. Perhaps it was how the actress was directed in that scene, but it came off strange to me. The case of a son shooting his abusive policeman father could have been a strong one too which makes the way it was handled all the more disappointing.

The serialized aspect of the story saved this week’s episode but that time devoted to it made the procedural part weaker. Going forward, I hope there is more of a balance between the two or that Lila and Sam’s murders become the only focus.

Gold Stars

Annalise and Viola Davis: How many women would straight up say “why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” to their husband? Viola Davis again attacked everything this week coming out on top whether (especially in her conversations with Sam and Bonnie).

Laurel: Her gold star comes from sticking up for herself in class. My justice and honesty parameters run equivalent to that of Ned Stark and Horatio Hornblower so I don’t approve of her jury nullification trick.

Nate: The man gave Annalise the 411 and it was not pretty.

Connor: Had the quote of the episode with “See, sexting pays off.”

Frank: Help, I have a crush on him. Granted, I also had a crush Charlie Weber when he played Ben on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Sam: Yikes, where do I begin? You slept with Lila 6 or 7 times. You were not at Yale on the night of her murder because you had come back to see her. You expect your wife to believe you’re not a murderer when you’ve lied about everything else. That nice little hole you’ve been digging for yourself is about triple in size.

Annalise: So, why is Bonnie still working for you? Does she have all this dirt that she could somehow leverage against you if she were fired? All I know is if my employee outed my affair to the police, she would be packing her bags asap. And it doesn’t surprise you that Bonnie did it for Sam which means you know she has feelings for him. Why have someone work for you if she’s jonesing for your husband?

Laurel: Cheating on Kan with Frank. I do have my crush on Frank, but Kan is so sweet. Maybe he and Oliver can start a club called “People Who Have Been Cheated on By Annalise’s Law Students.” I’m sure said club would have a large membership.

Rebecca: Dissing Jane Austen is not acceptable behavior.

Where We Stand

At first I was confused as to why Wes didn’t mention Sam being in the picture until I realized Sam’s face wasn’t shown. That ended up not mattering because Wes found out anyway! When Rebecca went to use the bathroom after her psych evaluation I knew she would have a light bulb moment. So Wes and Rebecca both know Sam is the man in Lila’s phone. And it’s understandable in Rebecca’s point of view to think why Sam AND Annalise would be responsible for Lila’s murder.

Speaking of murders, Laurel called herself a “murderer” the night of the bonfire. This definitely makes me think all the kids are involved somehow in an act of self-defense. What does bringing the statue to Frank do though? Will he give it back to Asher?

*Nitpick* So, how did Wes get into Annalise’s house to look at the wallpaper? Did he break in? Have a key? Was the door unlocked? And dammit, writers, have Annalise call on different students in class. Give some local actors a co-star credit!