The Amazing Race Season 25 Review “Morocc’ and Roll”

the amazing race 2505 Morocc and Roll 01

The racers actually went to their first non-English speaking country tonight inn “Morocc’ and Roll.” They’ve been coddled this whole race so far going to countries where their language is primarily spoken, but The Amazing Race decided to turn up the heat tonight for sure by sending the teams to Marrakech, Morocco!

There wasn’t much drama to speak of before the flight, as everybody gets on the same plane anyway. The only thing that bothered me was Misti saying that the reason her and her pigheaded husband didn’t go home was because God was watching them. I’ve got no problem with people bringing up God or thanking him for their success, but it wouldn’t kill them to show a little humility and just keep their mouths shut. So…God was with you last leg and not the other teams? Just admit that you got your butt kicked and you sucked at every challenge, and by blind luck you happened to come in last on a non-elimination leg.

At least the dentists had to pay for their last place finish with a pretty tough Speed Bump. These challenges are usually pretty straight forward, and in the past they just consisted of taking a thing from point A to point B. This one actually involved some hard work and skill, so I hope they continue to be this tough in the future. It’s always been such a slap on the wrist, when it really should be more impressive to overcome it and stay in the race.

Or at least, that’s what I thought had happened! By the time the dentists finished their task, it appeared that several teams had already finished and moved on. I thought they had to be at least half an hour behind the rest of them, but Phil weirdly popped up to let us know that they were only 12 minutes behind. Um…that’s it? That’s the extent of their punishment for coming in last place? Come on, Phil! You could have just not told me that and I would have been happier! It was also just a weird thing for them to do on The Amazing Race. They usually make a point on this show to not tell us how far apart teams are from each other, so it all felt a little awkward.

Speaking of awkward, there’s a grand tradition on this show of the teams going around the world and…insulting the locals. This episode was no different, as the teams wretched and yakked at the food carts and the tannery. Look, I’m sure they smelled gross, but it’s part of the challenge! You’re in Africa, and you have to realize that you might be in some smelly situations. Maybe just try to refrain from loudly vocalizing your disgust and saying that it’s “Not OK.” Sure it’s OK! They’ve been doing it this way for thousands of years! Maya was being so cool and accepting about it, but Jim was being unsurprisingly ignorant and obnoxious.

The Road Block was definitely the best one we’ve had this season so far, and one of the best ones in recent memory. The aforementioned tannery was a nice start, but the bike race down the backstreets of Marrakech was really cool. It was hilarious that every single team ended up in the same alley at the end, and how those cameramen were able to capture the high speed bike racing through those alleys is beyond me. Those guys deserve some kind of medal or something.

The Detour was OK, but both sides were skill based and didn’t look that difficult as long as you could get it down. If you could whip your head and play a drum, you’d be good to go for that side. If you could hold a tray and pour tea from a height, you’d nail that one. I don’t know what was so difficult about the tea pouring one. Hold the tray with one hand, pour from a small height…that’s it. I’m not sure why the wrestlers couldn’t see that the guy was pouring from about a foot above the glasses. How hard is that?

Shelley and Nici continued their pattern of bothering me when they decided to U-Turn Keith and Whitney instead of Misti and Jim. The dentists had already antagonized them on that leg, knocked over Nici’s bike, and they still had a save in their back pocket! And Keith had…yelled at them once. That was enough for them to U-Turn them into oblivion, which is unfortunate. If Shelley and Nici don’t go home soon I will be one unhappy camper.

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Random Thoughts:

– I feel a little bad insulting them, but Adam and Bethany really come off as phony to me. They always seem so overly kind and enthusiastic in a fake way. Everybody seems afraid of speaking ill of Bethany because of the Soul Surfer of it all, but I apparently am not weighed down by such morals.

– Is there a worse feeling than coming in 2nd by a few minutes and having to stand there as you listen to the prize that the 1st place team gets? It’s not like Adam and Bethany need the five grand. They’ve got Soul Surfer money!

– I loved how aggravated the accompanying cymbal player at the Road Block looked when Keith and Whitney failed for the millionth time.