The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Review “Black Hole Sun”

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On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” it was all about the transition, as everyone did their best to move on, in light of all that had happened; while others tried to escape their unfortunate fates, in spite of seemingly impossible circumstances, in “Black Hole Sun.” As with previous episodes this season, this one was named after a well-known 90’s-era song, in this case the bleak hit by Soundgarden. Previous episodes this season were named after, respectively, Madonna, Pearl Jam, and Green Day songs, and all have featured other music from that era or references to such, as in tonight’s reminder of the late, great Kurt Cobain’s death.

There’s a reason for this, of course, as Damon and Bonnie continue to be caught repeating the same day in May over and over again, “Groundhog Day” style. As such, they’ve been stuck with whatever they can scrounge up from the period, music-wise, which could be worse, if you think about it. Although, there was the Spin Doctors on that one episode- now that’s scary. I guess every generation has their low points, right?

In this episode, the two finally started to make some headway, as Kai pointed out that he helped Bonnie get back her powers, and that was a key part of their getting out of there. The other part was a device he called the ascendant, a family heirloom he claimed was missing and that they needed to complete a spell to be able to leave. However, he would only cooperate if Damon told him why he felt this day was his own personal hell to relive over and over again.

So, we finally got an explanation via a flashback, as Damon returned to the estate in 1994 to reunite with Stefan, who was living with nephew/uncle Zach and his girlfriend Gail, who was pregnant. Stefan was none too happy to see him and very hesitant to let him stay there, as Damon was still firmly in evil mode, though he claimed otherwise, being Damon and all.

Cut to Stefan catching him feeding on Gail and it was clear the new arrangement wasn’t going to work out, so Stefan took his daylight ring and trapped him in the garage, but Damon later on escaped and took out most everyone in the house, save Zach and Stefan himself, threatening to take out Gail as well if Stefan didn’t return his ring, which he did.

Naturally, Damon being Damon, he killed Gail anyway, but there was an unexpected twist- the baby survived, and that baby was none other than Sarah, the very girl that Elena had attacked (which she now remembered) and was currently staying in the Salvatore house. She eventually discovered a photograph of her mother and father, so she’s no longer in the dark about who her parents are anymore, either. Neither is she too happy about Jeremy being related to a vampire that attacked her, but we’ll have to wait and see how that part of it plays out next week.

However, Damon wasn’t the only one stuck in the past with a dark secret. So, it turned out, was Kai, who readily confessed that he was, in fact, a serial killer that had taken out his entire family- the Gemini Coven referenced in an earlier episode. Needless to say, the surviving members weren’t thrilled and had banished him there, making it actually Kai’s personal hell, not Damon’s, though he certainly regretted his actions on that day. Kai, on the other hand, was borderline proud of his, making Damon and Bonnie’s initial assessment on him as a douche-bag right on the money.

This puts the two of them between a rock and a hard place, as Kai has the aforementioned ascendant they need to get out and the spell required to do so, but if they do it, then they all get out, including Kai, which would leave him free to kill again. My thinking is that, even if they had to wait to get out of there, they could still kill him, anyway, once they reach the other side. Lord knows, both Bonnie and Damon are capable of doing so, so why not wait until then, and then do it?

Unless, of course, Kai has an exit strategy in place once he gets out, which is a distinct possibility. He does have the ability to absorb witch powers for brief amounts of time, which he could use to drain Bonnie of hers and kill Damon and her both, so he isn’t exactly helpless. That said, given the alternative, do they really have much of a choice in the matter?

Someone who does have a choice are Stefan and Elena, both of whom are dealing with Damon’s loss in very different ways. As he tries to start his life over elsewhere, with the occasional voluntary beat-down from strangers, Elena, of course, had most of her memories of Damon eliminated altogether, which Stefan ultimately let the cat out of the bag about.

Elena eventually went to Alaric to confirm, which he did via a diary Elena wrote to herself in case something like this did happen. In the end, she opted to stay in the dark about her past romantic history with Damon, just as Stefan opted to pick up where he left off in Georgia.

In fact, that proved literal, as well, as once he got home, he discovered that he had a surprise waiting for him: it seems that Enzo didn’t kill Ivy altogether, as he claimed, but had fed her his blood without telling Stefan about it. The episode ended with Ivy returning from the grave, more than a little confused about where she’d been and more than a little hungry. Interesting choice on Enzo’s part- maybe there’s hope for him yet.

Or not, given that he’s being held captive by Tripp in an isolated locale no one knows about, save Matt now. Tripp wants to use him to find the vampire that killed his wife and led him to believe he’d actually done it by compelling Tripp afterwards. Much like Sarah, he remembered the truth of what happened when he re-entered Mystic Falls’ magic-free zone, and was none too happy about it, understandably.

How much you want to bet it was Damon who did it? Either way, things are not currently looking good for Enzo, though the involvement of Matt may bode well for his future, if Matt can pull a fast one on Tripp somehow.

That was basically it, save Alaric re-training Jeremy after detoxing him via hottie doc Jo, and an amusing appearance of a younger Sheriff Liz, who it turns out hit off with Damon way sooner than we thought, though she was compelled to forget it. All in all, a decent enough episode, with some interesting, intriguing developments overall, though not a whole lot of forward momentum on the whole, admittedly. Still, it was a necessary evil, as there was a lot to deal with after all that went down in previous episodes, so I can’t really complain.

What did you think of “The Vampire Diaries” this week? Do you think Damon and Bonnie will make it back in the next episode? Who do you think killed Tripp’s wife? What will become of Enzo? How about Sarah? Will Jeremy get it together sooner than later? How about Elena? Or Stefan, for that matter? Sound off below and let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next week!