Franklin & Bash Season 4 Finale 2014 Review “Red or Black” – Fate Steps In

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In the Franklin & Bash Season 4 Finale, “Red or Black,” Stanton puts his life in Fate’s hands, while the boys get themselves into a lot of trouble in Vegas.

Much like Royal Pains last month, this season finale of Franklin & Bash had me running to the interwebs to see if the show had been cancelled. The ending of the episode was one of those that brought some stories to a close while opening the doors to others and leaving things in such a way that we’d all be guessing forever. In other words: A finale.

Luckily, I wasn’t able to find any evidence that Franklin & Bash has been cancelled so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a Season 5. If we do get another season, there’s quite a bit to look forward to, thanks to the stories we got in this episode.

Stanton has always been an eccentric fellow, so I can’t say I was overly shocked to discover he met with a mystic when he was all of 9 years old and found out the exact way that he would die. Did I believe it would happen the way Bakhti said it would? Of course not. That would be ridiculous… or would it? The more clues he revealed about his fate, the more they seemed to make sense. I mean, “Two god-like men” did sound a lot like the boys.

When Stanton got past the Fugu dinner, I figured he’d misunderstood the prediction, but then he started eating those crackers and suddenly it all fell into place. I couldn’t help but to laugh at him cursing those crackers, but that’s only because I knew he’d never go out like that. Should the show come back, I know the boys will find a way to rescue him and it will probably give Stanton a new lease on life.

Speaking of the boys, or at least one of them, I had mixed feelings about Swatello chasing down Jared in Vegas. I never liked the way she treated him, but I guess if she realized how much he meant to her and they both decided to try and be adults about their relationship, it could work. Maybe Jared doesn’t need someone sweet as much as I wanted him to have someone sweet. If they come back next season, I will be very curious to see how that relationship works out.

That is of course if the boys don’t move to Austin for their dream job. I see that particular situation going down one of two ways: Either the guys will decide they want to stay in one place for longer than a few years and stick it out, or they’ll go to Austin and decide they hate it and come back. Because I just don’t see the whole show moving to Austin.

Then again, that would make for a wildly different show in Season 5, so who knows?

Finally, the other relationship that had me waffling was the one between Damien and Anita. I really thought they were going to be friends for a while, but then they were suddenly signing paperwork from HR and talking about bathroom sex. I did like that they had to wait to consummate their relationship and therefore had to handle their first complicated case as a couple before they were actually a couple. I knew things were going to get weird, but in the end they both handled themselves really well and I do think it’s possible for them to stay together next season.

Let’s hope that there’s a Season 5, so we can see all these storylines continued.

My favorite bits:

“Sir, how do we put in ‘B.C.’?”

Jared’s remark that he didn’t want the TSA literally up his ass.

Dan opening the briefcase… with his head?

Damien and Anita declaring their inter-office “vows.” Is it wrong I found that kind of cute?

“Murder threats aside, it was a fun date.”

Sorry Jared, I love you, but yeah, you’ve never been confused with Hugh Jackman.

The boys trying to blame each other, and Dan for opening the briefcase.

The boys trying to guess what Stanton was dying from.

Dan getting all the services, thanks to his snazzy white jacket.

Peter winning the guitar. Nice.

Uh oh, methinks going to the Blue Room is a bad idea.

“It’s called the ‘Wong Method.'”
“Does he mean ‘Wrong’?”
“I’m not weally sure.” – Laughed. Out. Loud.

The whole argument about who was more god-like. I’m going with both.

“You’re going to die.”
“Thank you.”

Anita losing her cool when she discovered that the sculpture in question was a “self-portrait.”

“We need to get the fugu out of here.”

Stanton testing out his coffin. As you do.

Swatello going all the way to Vegas to check on Jared. Whoa.

“After seeing you two this morning we decided our relationship was not as messed up as we thought it was.” – Ha!

“I ate your destiny.”

Stanton insisting on eating a piece of fish.

“I’m starting to taste colors.”
“Oh, you’re fine.”

Damien coming all the way to Vegas as soon as he found out his uncle might be dying. Aw.

“Listen, would you care to join me in getting absolutely squiffed?”
“I’m all-in.”

“I realized that I over-estimated my contempt for you.” – Wow, was that supposed to be romantic?

“My hatred for you has been greatly exaggerated.”
“That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
“That’s really sad.”

The boys trying to decide if they were going to go to work for The Chive or not.

Yep, I knew Stanton was going to start choking on that dang cracker.

“I love you, dude.”
“I love you, too.”

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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