Survivor Season 29 Review “Blood is Blood”

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Survivor returned tonight with a monkeylicious episode in “Blood is Blood”. Monkeys everywhere, man! Baby monkeys, mommy monkeys, howler monkeys! Monkeys galore! With the editors being very specific what type of animals they were showing, I was expecting there to be a lot of monkeyin’ around in the episode, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ve made it perfectly clear in these reviews how much I hated the loved one duels, and apparently Survivor agreed with me. Even Treemail referred to these duels with a sarcastic disdain. They thankfully aren’t doing them anymore, and we actually had a tribe switch as soon as they got to the arena, but then they actually skipped the reward challenge. Usually they drop the buffs and switch the tribes right before the challenge and they all immediately do a challenge with their new tribe. However, that didn’t happen, and the new Hunahpu tribe really could have done with a food reward.

I can’t remember any other episode of this show that has revolved so much around food. It’s very rare that Survivor even addresses the rations of rice for their tribe, but there was a big issue about that over at Coyopa and Hunahpu this week. We’ve been watching this show for 29 seasons now, and it’s not really about surviving anymore. The first few seasons were more about building fires, killing animals, etc., but they dropped that a while ago in favor of getting more screen time for the strategizing. There’s been a few exceptions over the years, with Brandon and J’Tia pouring out the food, or Philip throwing a fit about the infamous “crispy rice”, but for the most part we don’t even talk about food. That certainly changed tonight.

Hunahpu had to make yet another awkward request to Jeff, asking for more food since they’re running out. The funny part was that they were asking for more food after having just blown out the other tribe and winning easily. THey tried to feebly explain that it was because they were running on adrenaline, but it certainly would have been an easier ask if they had just fallen apart and lost terribly. I guess Jeff is going to visit Hunahpu next week with extra food and we’ll find out what the penalty should be. I’m not sure what it is, but I hope it’s that you need to vote somebody else out right then and there. Do you want the extra food? Fine, but you need to take the chance that you might go home right now! That would be a great risk/reward factor, but I don’t know if that’s what they’ll do.

The actual episode itself didn’t really do anything new. We had the same questions of “Do I stick with my loved one or help better my own game?” that we had in the last Blood vs. Water season. In the end Kelly is sent home, and most likely because of her father’s antics. I’m interested to see if the fake idol that Dale tries to use next week will actually pan out for him.

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Random Thoughts:

– Do you think Jeff actually remembers everybody’s names? He always rattles off tribe members like he’s reading them off a list, but I don’t think he has any teleprompter or anything on the beach. Maybe it’s dubbed in later.

– I’m not sure why Alec assumed that the opposing tribe would want to keep his brother around for his challenge prowess. He hasn’t done much of note in past challenges, and he just bombed his last one. Not exactly a challenge expert.

– I mentioned all of the monkeys at the top of the review, but what the heck was that ugly thing crawling down the branch toward the end? It looked like a possum, but with crazy green tips on the hair. Weird.