Sons of Anarchy Season 7 “Greensleeves” Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7 Greensleves (2)
Fellow Sons of Anarchy fans, please bear with me as I just get a few eye-related puns off my chest . . .

– With August Marks clearly aware of their double-dealings and attempt to take him down, SAMCRO is truly at the eye of the storm.

– The subplot with Greensleeves and the unrealistically beautiful hooker who just happened to have off the charts chemistry with Jax was kinda cornea.

– Jax made quite the spectacle of Greensleeves and his half-assed attempt at staging a suicide.

– Despite their best laid plans, the club wasn’t quite able to close the lid on Marks.

– Abel, serving up some serious children of the corn realness, overheard Grandma Forker confessing her treachery to the wee baby Thomas. Will young Abel lash out at Grandma and show her that hammers are way more effective than forks?

Thank you in advance for allowing me this moment to indulge my inner goofball. Eye I mean, how does one recover after watching an episode in which one of the kinder, more rational members of the club get his eye gouged out as a reward for his loyalty to Jax? Indeed, Gemma is the catalyst for this mess, but Jax has definitely made a very significant contribution to the bloody mess that has become of Charming.

Loose Lips

Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m not talking about “loose lips” in a Red Woody, double entendre sorta way. Or am I? No, I’m not. I’m talking about the type of loose lips that sink ships, or in this case, throw a serious complication in Jax Teller’s master plan. It’s pretty clear that Jury was the source behind the leak to Lin. It would appear, however, that someone is sharing information with Marks. Marks is undoubtedly smart enough to know who dumped the dead bodies of the freaky preacher and friends on his property, but he still appears to be operating like someone with the advantage of inside information.

Tyler seems like way too obvious of a choice, unless Tyler is playing the long con and working Marks and Jax against each other. Ha! This is Tyler we’re talking about here. Even if he wanted to be that devious, I seriously doubt he has the brain capacity to pull it off. Perhaps Marks is just that good. He learned a lot from Damon Pope and unlike Jax, he takes time to reflect and look at the bigger picture. Perhaps his moves against the club last night were solely based on his own instinct and street smarts. If he doesn’t know already, it won’t be too long before Marks figures out that Tyler is in on the Sons plans. We know from Tyler’s predecessors that this will not bode well for him. RIP Leroy!

Release the Juice

Again, not in a Red Woody way. But if that’s where your mind went, we could probably hang out. I’m actually referring to my desire for the club, and in a greater sense this show, to let go of Juice. Since the revelation of his mixed race heritage, which evidently was the wrong mixture because of his Black father, we’ve watched Juice’s downward spiral.

Enjoy this visual reference:

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Rather than kill Juice, the club has decided to (continue) to use him to for their dirty work. This time around, Juice was charged with getting himself locked up, presumably so he can kill Lin and then be killed by Marilyn Manson’s crew. Never afraid to sew the seeds of racial discord in order to further their agenda, I’m sure that Jax will tell the white supremacists about Juice’s Black father so that they can take delight in killing Juan Carlos. Despite all of my frustrations with Juice, I actually think he deserves better than this. I think the preview for next week’s episode where Unser tells Jarry that Juice knows the truth about Tara’s murder is a complete red herring. I suspect that when Gemma’s “truth” is exposed, Juice will have nothing to do with it.

Random observation: I enjoyed Jarry’s absence from this week’s episode.

Confessions of a Forker

To say that Gemma’s unraveling reached new heights this week would be an understatement. I enjoyed watching her work herself into a tizzy because she thought Jax was inviting her to the cabin for an up close and personal meeting with Mr. Mayhem. Admittedly, I found myself genuinely worried that Rat or Happy would join Tara as a victim of Gemma’s misconceptions and impulsive actions. It begs the question – if/when Jax finds out the truth, would he involve the club? Jax has been open with his SAMCRO brothers about most things, but when it comes to the sins and secrets of his family, he’s less than candid. To date, Chibs and Bobby are the only two who know the truth behind Jax’s animosity with Clay. Jax has never admitted to anyone about whatever internal suspicions he may have had about Gemma’s role in John Teller’s death. I think it’s safe to say that whatever suspicions Jax had, he moved past them and decided to forgive his mother. It will be interesting to see if learning that Gemma killed Tara will stir up those old feelings and if it will compel Jax to finally come clean with the club about everything. I think they’re owed the complete truth considering how much they’ve put on the line in support of his ill-conceived, bloody crusade. It would be particularly interesting to see Jax share all with the club at a table where Tig is also sitting. Kim Coates has confirmed that Tig knows what happened with John.

Speaking of John, it was interesting to see the club paying homage to his memory – presumably at the site of his deadly crash. This show feels so distant from earlier seasons when we watched a young man who aspired to learn from his father’s lessons. Is there still hope for Jax?

Enough with the daydreaming of what could be. The writers threw in an unexpected twist last night, as Abel overheard Granny Forker telling Thomas that she killed Tara. The writers are definitely laying the groundwork for something interesting to happen with Abel. It could come in the form of a violent outburst or an unexpected confession. My interest is definitely piqued!

Until next week!

Sorry for the late review! This has been a particularly brutal work week. Although Greensleeves did not bring viewers the revelation they’ve been looking forward to all season, it undeniably set the table for conflict in the final stretch. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!

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