NCIS Season 12 Review “The San Dominick” – McGibbs Takes Over

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In this episode of NCIS, called “The San Dominick,” Gibbs gets himself into another hostage situation, leaving the other members of his team to step up.

McGee got his chance to be team leader and found out how easy it is to slip into Gibbs’ shoes, even when you don’t want to. I thought he did a great job as “the boss” and I have to admit I was a little surprised at his reaction to finding out he was going to be running the show from D.C.

Haven’t we seen McGee acting grumpy and jealous when Tony has been put into the role of leader? I thought that meant he would jump at the chance to do the job himself and here he was being presented with that chance and he balked. I don’t know if it was supposed to be due to some of the things he’s gone through in recent seasons, but it felt strange to me.

At least he overcame all that and ended up doing a bang-up job at running the case from the office. He immediately started channeling Gibbs and turned into “McGibbs,” and I loved how that caught him off guard. When Tony has channeled Gibbs the times he’s become team leader, McGee was one of the first to make fun of him for it. So I loved that McGee saw how it easy it was to do when the mantle of power was passed to him.

The funny thing is, I think that part of Gibbs’ behavior is kind of channeling Mike Franks. We have seen that Mike was a gruff leader who liked to dole out head slaps, so the apple didn’t fall far from that tree. It makes me wonder how far back that form of leadership goes. For all we know, it’s been happening for generations and Tony and McGee will be continuing a long line of coffee-drinking, head-slapping, irritable team leaders.

While McGee was killing it back in D.C., Tony was killing it back on the ship with Borin. When she took that mic away from him, a part of me wanted to roll my eyes. I was so sure we were going to see Idiot Tony make an appearance, as he often does when faced with a strong woman. Then he snatched the mic back and the two of them went back and forth, sharing control of the situation. What I liked about that is it showed how each of them had strengths and weaknesses and I loved how, whenever one lost control of what was happening, the other was right there to pick up the slack.

I was also very intrigued to discover that Tony’s relationship (such as it was) with Leia was already over and nothing more than a dalliance. I wonder if they gave Tony that moment to show that he was ready to move on and a real relationship is actually on its way. After all these years, I think it could be about time he settled down. McGee is in a relationship now and Bishop is married, which proves that it can be done. Let’s hope Tony can find someone right for him, too.

My favorite bits:

“You have pointy elbows.”

Tony discovering that Leia and Borin SoulCycled together.

Tony repeatedly trying to convince Bishop she did okay on the training exercise.

Gibbs and Borin screaming “Man overboard!” at the same time. That really got to me for some reason.

Bishop confusing Star Wars and Star Trek. I love that McGee had the perfect explanation on how to describe the difference.

Yep, of course Gibbs passed his training exercise. As McGee said, he’s Gibbs.

OMG! Bobby! Hi Bobby! How the heck did you get onto a ship in the middle of…. oh wait. Wrong show.

Captain Bobby, erm, I mean Captain O’Rourke keeling over with a stab wound. Very suspicious.

Bert! Why do I feel like we haven’t seen Bert in a while?

Tony telling Gibbs to watch his six. Another moment that makes me think of seasons past.

Tony deciding that McGee was the boss back in the office. Yes!

Gibbs ordering Renaldo to answer the walkie, make his demands and get off the damn boat.

Wondering what the heck was up with McGee balking at being the boss and being called “Boss.” I seem to recall a time he would have loved that.

“Would it have killed them to use the bathroom?”
“I’m going to go with yes.”

Tony taking the mic away from Borin, like she did to him. Ha!

Tony pointing out to the pirates that Gibbs could be grumpy, stubborn and unresponsive.

Gibbs using the tourniquet for reasons other than it was invented.

McGee changing his mind and asking Abby for less details about their bad guys. I don’t think anyone wants to hear about another person’s IBS.

Haha! Abby totally spotted what I did, too. McGee was absolutely channeling Gibbs.

“It’s like an evil boy band.”

McGibbs. erm I mean McGee handling all of the phones in the bull pen.

McGee making up his own rules.

Borin pointing out they already left Gibbs on the ship once and he got into so much trouble they weren’t about to do it again. Ha!

“It’s like Die Hard on a ship.”

Gibbs holding up that little wire. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky man.

Borin punching Gibbs. I didn’t blame her one bit.

Haha! I was so going to make a joke about Tony needing to change his shorts, but then he beat me to it.

Finding out that O’Rourke was part of the hijacking. I did have my suspicions about him.

Borin offering Tony a position on her team, as a solid number three.

Tony telling McGee he would make a good boss someday. Aw.

“You’re going to accuse the boss of cheating on an official test?”
“Sounded better in my head.”

Tony’s lessons to Bishop on why to keep some thoughts to herself. That was hilarious.

Yep. Of course Gibbs was standing right behind McGee.

“Really? Rule 70, McGee?”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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