Forever Season 1 Review “The Frustrating Thing about Psychopaths”

Forever (ABC) Episode 6 The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths (5)

After several eye-rolling, groan-inducing episodes, Forever bounced back with its best episode yet. Some unfortunate stereotyping of comic book fans aside, “The Frustrating Thing about Psychopaths” offered a lot of great elements, including a creative villain, ties to the show’s larger mythology and actual flaws in Morgan.

Frequently, this show has teased an interesting crime or development in the previews for a new episode only for the actual case to be a letdown or less exciting than indicated. Here, however, there was actually more to the psychopath on the loose; he wasn’t just emulating Jack the Ripper, but a whole bunch of famed serial killers in each of his crimes. If anything, it’s a shame this concept wasn’t expanded into a two-parter, as there are plenty more killers that could’ve been referenced. Regardless, it was nice to have such an intriguing, twisting mystery, one that didn’t have to fall back on lazy reveals to keep the plot moving forward.

I want to say that I do understand a need for procedural shows to have standalone, lighter episodes; the very nature of these types of shows make it impossible for the overarching plot to be mentioned every week without growing stale. However, those episodes need to be well-done cases that actually can stand on their own. As such, even if this episode hadn’t had ties to the larger plot, it would’ve still been a great episode, one that made good use of Morgan’s abilities.

And really, the ties to the mythology weren’t that big, being integrated with a deft hand. Adam reemerged as a curious onlooker instead of the actual killer this week, which was a good way to handle it. We still had the chance to learn more about him, even if the reveal that he’s a practiced killer wasn’t that big of a surprise. And now that Morgan has a link to him through the burner phone, there’s even more of a chance of him popping back up soon.

The show’s weak point continues to be Martinez, who has yet to rise above the role of strict detective reigning Morgan in. It’s possible that her first kill in the line of duty will give her some more depth and potential anguish, but it’s not something the show is likely to pick back up with next week. What we really need is an episode dedicated to Martinez. It may be a cliché storyline to dabble in, but it’d be helpful to have an old partner or case resurface in her life so that we can learn more about her.

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