Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “The Itch”

criminal minds 1004 The Itch 01

We’ve seen a lot of people making a lot of dumb decisions over the past 10 seasons of Criminal Minds. Tonight’s episode “The Itch” kicked off with a guy who not only was texting while driving, but then followed up that brainstorm by chasing a crazy guy across the freeway. How this guy didn’t die is beyond me. I’ve seen plenty of people die on this show for making much less stupid decisions, but apparently this guy was just lucky.

The case takes our team to Atlanta, where they find out this freeway guy was tripping on drugs and thought that he was being attacked by bugs. They quickly find out that he was the victim of an Unsub that makes people believe that they are covered in bugs by…covering them in bugs, Fear Factor style! We’re ten seasons in now so it’s clear they’re looking for new ways to gross us out every week, but this one sure worked for me. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one getting the creepy crawlies during that scene.

The interesting twist for the Unsub this week was that he found a girl, and that I was actually kinda rooting for them to make it! Usually Unsubs on this show find a girl, but they’re creepy and they go to far. Or they just straight up kidnap the girl and there’s no chance of them finding happiness. However, with these two, I actually thought they worked well as a couple. They were both sick and delusional, but at least they had each other for support!

The episode was made by Criminal Minds all stars Larry Teng and Breen Frazier. Teng has directed seven episodes, including the 200th last season, and Frazier has written 17 episodes! Not only has Frazier worked a lot on this show, but he wrote and produced Ghost Whisperer as well. Now he’s reuniting with Jennifer Love Hewitt! Hooray!

I felt like this episode more than others really tried to show off the profiling chops of the team members. Just about everybody got a time to shine tonight. Reid was naming off all of the various diseases to Garcia, JJ and Kate interrogated Jane without her even saying anything, and Hotch was able to deduce that Lisa had lost a daughter without even being told. Even Rossi sucker punched Leo to save the day! That wasn’t a profiling move, but it was still awesome! I feel like they have been making a bigger effort this season to differentiate these guys from the rest of the FBI shows on TV. When this show started they really focused heavily on the whole profiling thing, but it’s become a lot more general recently. I guess they’re going back to that, which is an exciting choice.

I hope they keep trying to differentiate this show from all of the other procedural shows out there, and I continue to be optimistic about this season.

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Random Thoughts:

– The people tripping on drugs and thinking bugs are attacking them reminded me of the opening scenes of A Scanner Darkly. If you haven’t seen that movie, remedy that immediately!

– I felt weirdly happy seeing the team actually eating while they discussed the case. We rarely see them eat on this show, so it really makes them feel more like real people.

– I loved the sassy look that Kate shot Jane when Jane said they weren’t going to catch Leo.

– Did anybody else think of The Walking Dead when they showed the exterior of the CDC headquarters? I automatically pictured the building blowing up.