The 100 Season 2 Review “The 48”

Even though I was looking forward to it on a conceptual level, I had fairly low expectation for The 100 when it premiered last season. The idea of a group of teens being used as guinea pigs to see if a post-apocalyptic Earth was survivable was cool, but I worried that the show would fall victim to many of the usual CW problems. However, while it certainly had its issues, it ended up as one of the best new shows of last season. As a result, it also became one of my most anticipated returning shows of the fall. Fortunately, “The 48” delivered a fantastic premiere that indicates we have another great season ahead.

Right away, the show reminded us just how far the characters have come facing such harsh conditions. Though she started out as mainly the voice of reason, Clarke’s first reaction upon escaping her cell was to take a hostage with a shard of glass. Even later, as she began to learn about Mount Weather, she still had her guard up.

On the one hand, it’s hard to argue with her logic; the President exudes menace, and he’s obviously lying about how the search effort went. And heck, the rules of sci-fi pretty much demand this place isn’t as peaceful and idyllic as it seems Still, the way she went about it was far too manic and distrusting, even if she has every reason to want to head back out and find the others. She needs to consider the well-being of those that are inside Mount Weather, let them have a bit of peace even if they need to flee later. Fortunately, it looks like she’ll be taking a smarter approach going forward.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group were struggling on the outside following the battle with the Grounders. At the drop pod, Raven was left on her own with Murphy, who finally seemed to be repentant for his actions. Though he’s played this act before, I want to believe he’s finally at a turning point; the old Murphy would’ve strangled Raven to death for trying to shoot him. Elsewhere, Lincoln and Octavia continued their journey to the sea. The pair are pretty much on their own for now, but I expect their arc this year will give us an even better look at the Grounder culture, as well as insight into some of the other tribes and species on Earth.

The biggest plot outside of Mount Weather, though, followed Bellamy and Finn, as Bellamy, along with two unnamed members of the group, had to face a mounted Grounder to save him. Where things really picked up was when Kane and a group of Ark soldiers showed up, leading to a very sour reunion. Kane’s councilor now, and despite how well we got to know him last season, he’s still a strict, pragmatic ruler. The adults are in charge now as far as he’s concerned, and he’s ready to put the teens back on a short leash. Of course, he’s going to need Bellamy and the others for their knowledge of the ground, so there’s room for a lot of tense interactions as the season goes forth.

Really, it’s great new dynamics all over, and it’s clear the show is focused on building out the world while also reexamining the relationships between its characters after all of these big changes. It’s exciting times on the show, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. And hey, if nothing else, we got to see Jasper and Monty up to their usual hijinks, fighting over desserts; what’s not to love there?

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