‘Revenge’ (Season 4): What Is David Clarke Doing?

Revenge Season 4 Episode 2 Disclosure (3)

Since the debut episode of Revenge back on September 21, 2011, it was made abundantly clear the goal of Emily Thorne – aka Amanda Clarke – (series lead Emily VanCamp). She wanted revenge on the people who caused the false imprisonment and untimely death of her beloved father David Clarke (new series regular James Tupper).

Over the course of the past four seasons, Emily has placed red “X’s” over the faces of those at Grayson Global who caused her father’s downfall – as well as any other person who got in the road along the way.

But at the end of the third season just as Emily had destroyed the latest and biggest piece in her revengetta – that being Victoria Grayson (series lead Madeleine Stowe) – it was revealed that her dearly departed father was not actually dead after all. David Clarke shockingly made an appearance in the third season finale, showing up on a deserted road where Conrad Grayson (former series regular Henry Czerny) was planning to start his life over, just sneaking out of prison. Conrad’s freedom was short-lived because David pulled up in an unassuming van and stabbed the man to death.

Now, as the fourth season has rolled out over the last few weeks, viewers have seen David kidnap his former love Victoria, show her where he has supposedly been hiding for the past 10 years since his presumed death, has met his daughter Charlotte (series regular Christa B. Allen) and been told about Victoria’s enemy Emily (granted Victoria distorted the truth to her own purposes).

In Sunday’s episode of ‘Revenge’ entitled “Meteor”, David, for some reason, self-flagellates himself before going to a small convenience store where he is arrested on theft and then, because of his noticeable limp, is placed in a police line-up to be identified as the person who broke into Emily’s home. This, of course, led to him being identified as David Clarke, which not only brought the Feds to the doors of the police station but also shocked the hell out of Emily, Jack Porter (series regular Nick Wechsler) and Nolan (series regular Gabriel Mann).

But what exactly is David doing? Why did he come out of hiding at the precise moment to kill Conrad? Was he really being held by Conrad Grayson as he claimed to the Feds? Why did he harm himself in that way? Why did he go to that convenience store, attempt to steal from it and allow himself to get caught? And, does he really still love Victoria and want to be with her or is there something far more nefarious going on?

He, like his daughter, seems very intent on getting revenge but was Conrad his only target? Perhaps he came out of hiding because of Amanda’s death (recurring guest star Margarita Levieva) or maybe he, just like Emily, has a list of targets for which he is going after. And this whole storyline – his reappearance, the self-harming, the convenience store arrest and all the lies he gave the Feds – is just an elaborate plot.

As viewers of ‘Revenge”, what do you think David Clarke is really doing? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And be on the look-out for Emily and David getting their first face-to-face meeting in this Sunday’s (October 26) episode on ABC at 10/9c. It’s going to be extremely tense, for sure!