NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “The 3rd Choir”

ncis los angeles 604 The 3rd Choir 01

“The 3rd Choir” wrapped up the Hetty storyline into a neat little bow and felt way too easy. I mentioned last week how the mole will come into play later on, and I still think it will. You don’t bring in Vance and have him drop information that doesn’t matter. Suspect number 1 is still Granger in my book, but if NCIS: LA wants to prove me wrong, I’ll take it. And honestly, if the leak aspect of the storyline isn’t revisited I’m going to be disappointed because it will have made these last few episodes seem insignificant (not counting Nell’s first kill). The moment of having Granger revealed as a bad guy passed awhile back, but part of me wants to see it happen now just to shake things up. Or, if the show really wanted to be brave, it could make Nate Getz the mole (which I highly doubt would happen, but would be very interesting to watch).

For now though, the status quo seems to have been restored. Hetty is back in LA, Nell is back on the job, and Granger is still shady.

More Thoughts As I Fly Over Kansas

– So, Callen has a crap load of money too. $136,000 for information, dang!

– Kensi and Deeks are growing ever closer to the “will they” status of the “will they or won’t they” trope. Girl knows if he’s wearing underwear. Also, watching Deeks try to kill that cockroach was hilarious.

– Granger being shady: he sent the text to Hetty about Matthias knowing she would come back to LA to protect her people

– Awkward romantic situations take 2: Wallace asking out Sam. This was made even funnier because of Sleepy Hollow having a similar situation happen right before.

– Sam totally pulled a James Bond using the Russian dude while being shot at. Granted, Bond uses people who aren’t wearing vests, but still.

– I love Hetty being awesome (like shooting Matthias in the leg), but that stunt double for Linda Hunt was incredibly obvious during the window jump.


“It would be a beautiful city if you got rid of all the damn politicians.”

“When he remembers to wear underwear.”

“The doctor told me to join gym.”

“Matthias. My old… whatever the hell you are.”