Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Review “A Hen in the Wolfhouse”

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 5 A Hen in the Wolf House (4)

I wasn’t sure I was watching the right show when Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD started tonight. I had to check my DVR to make sure I hadn’t accidentally selected one of those romantic comedies that my wife records, since an awkward best man speech isn’t how a Marvel show would start. However, that’s just how “A Hen in the Wolfhouse” kicked off. It was actually nice to see a bit of the Navy, as the rest of the armed forces are so underrepresented on this show. We only see Talbot pop up every once in a while as their stand-in, but it was nice to see some of the other guys that actually stand up to Hydra. I like knowing that there are other people out there fighting against Hydra, and it makes it feel like SHIELD isn’t all alone.

We saw a lot more of The Doctor tonight, and I am loving Kyle Machlachlan’s portrayal of this character. He clearly has some serious anger management issues, and he definitely has some kind of super strength. He also confirmed that “Skye” is not actually Skye’s name. This reinforces the long-standing theory that Skye might actually be a pre-established character from the Marvel Universe. It’s already been suggested that she might have some kind of latent abilities, and now we learn that she might be part alien! I had totally forgotten that she even had the GH formula injected into her, since she really hasn’t reacted to it at all, so I’m glad that her lack of a reaction is being addressed.

Learning more about The Doctor was great, but the big introduction of the episode was Mockingbird herself! Yes, Adrianne Palicki debuted as Bobbi Morse, and she had quite an entrance as she burst into Simmons’ office demanding to find out who the mole is. I really loved Palicki on Friday Night Lights, and in a few of her movie roles, but I feel like she was miscast here. Now don’t get me wrong, I think she’d make a great Mockingbird, and the reveal that she was working with Coulson all along was really cool, but the little twist to make her the head of Hydra security really didn’t fit her at all. Seeing her bare down on all of these other people and crack the whip just came off a bit weird from a 31 year old woman. You really associate that kind of character with an older and more intimidating woman, and not somebody who’s so statuesque and beautiful.

This show is really making Hydra seem more and more incompetent as we go along. The Hydra waiters botch the mission in the opening, and then they hire people like Simmons and Morse apparently without doing much of a background check. Not only that, but Sunil and Whitehall were both fooled by Simmons’ feeble lies too. Simmons! The character who has been established on this show as a terrible liar, but apparently she’s good enough to fool the big, bad, scary Hydra higher-ups. These guys were so intimidating when they were first introduced, but now it’s like they can’t do anything right.

Apart from Hydra being a less imposing force recently, I’m still really digging this season quite a bit. The tone is consistently darker and more intriguing, and I’m way more invested in all of the characters now. I’m a little sad that Fitz (supposedly) won’t be imagining Simmons anymore, since I really enjoyed that dynamic, but it was great to see them reunite. I’m hoping that Fitz can bounce back and really contribute to the team in a meaningful way.

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Random Thoughts:

– Good thing Bobbi and Simmons were able to jump directly onto the middle of the Quinjet. They could have gone through one of the propellers, over the side, etc. I guess it’s a TV show and all, but I did laugh out loud when I saw that.

– Dang, Adrianne Palicki is tall! I remember her being tall back on FNL, but seeing her tower of Simmons really put it in perspective.

– I love the resurgence that Kyle Machlachlan has been experiencing recently. He was back on The Good Wife on Sunday, his role on this show has been great, and he’s a part of the Twin Peaks revival over on Showtime! Love it!