The Flash Season 1 Review “Things You Can’t Outrun”

It’s been a long time since a show has burst forth with such confidence and a string of so many strong episodes. And though The Flash had the benefit of a little bit of set-up on Arrow, there’s no denying just how deftly it’s gone about setting up its own slice of this universe and introducing a group of strong, interesting characters. “Things You Can’t Outrun” continued this trend by further fleshing out the cast and building up the series’ mythology.

My favorite part of this week was actually the flashback scenes, which showed STAR Labs at its worst as the accelerator malfunctioned. The main focus, of course, was on showing Caitlyn at a happier time in her life while also explaining why she’s grown so cold and distant in the following months. It was also a clever way to introduce Ronnie Raymond, her presumed dead fiancée. I won’t go into spoilers as to where and how Ronnie will show up down the road, but let’s just say that the cosmic-looking flames that engulfed him are a pretty big tell.

In the present, Joe threw himself fully into the investigation to clear Henry’s name as Barry continued to fight crime. I love that the show is taking the time to show Barry dealing with normal criminals, as it lets him do a lot of fun, creative things. From ending a police chase in the few seconds Iris’ back was turned to the way Barry blurred his face at Iron Heights, it’s clear that Barry is using his powers to do much more than just run fast and hit dudes.

The Mist was yet another villain that failed to make a big impact, though he was certainly a step in the right direction. While his personality and quest for revenge weren’t original, he still had a suitably creepy visage and showed once again that the show is able to do great work with its visual effects.

And really, I don’t mind the weak villains if all of the characterization is being focused on fleshing out the main characters. From the Caitlyn-focused flashbacks to the brief, powerful scene between Joe and Henry, there were so many moments, both big and small, to further endear us to the characters and build the relationship between them. Sure, Eddie Thawne remains a bit thin at the moment, but I’m confident he’ll get his fair share of focus in the future; that’s how much good will this show has already earned three episodes in.

Besides, next week brings us Wentworth Miller’s debut as major Flash villain Captain Cold, which means the rest of the Rogues aren’t too far behind…

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