Castle Season 7 Review “Child’s Play”

Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Child's Play (4)

It seems that all of the women in Castle’s life aren’t completely over his disappearance just yet. Last night everybody’s favorite quirky mystery writer returned in episode 4 with Alexis and Martha waiting on him hand and foot. The whole thing has Beckett uncomfortable while Castle doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. A clever way to keep the storyline of Castle’s mysterious disappearance going while the show runners make us comfortable with the feeling that things have finally gone back to normal.

As for the mystery of the hour, Beckett and Castle land a case involving the murder of an ice cream truck driver. Thanks to Ryan’s handy detective work involving a blood smear made by a finger and a permission slip, the gang determines that a 2nd grader most likely witnessed the man’s death.

Breaking up the show’s weekly format, Castle gets to go undercover in a second grade classroom to find the poor kid who witnessed the atrocious act. It was great to see Castle take a fall across marbles, get pinged in the head by a balled up piece of paper, and play with army men. He fits right in – somewhat! Busy with the kids, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito figure out the connection between the ice cream truck driver and two other murders – an illegal passport making ring. In the end those marbles come in handy and the case has been solved.

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