‘Bones’ (Season 10): Life Without Sweets


It was less than a month ago now that Bones fans tuned into the debut of the Fox series’ tenth season. It was finally time for us to see what happened to Booth and Bones in the aftermath of the crazy shootout (their beautiful house!) and Booth’s arrest, but what show runners gave viewers was a whole lot more than your typical season opener – the unexpected beating and death of good old Sweets. Talk about a huge surprise – and what felt like a huge slap in the face!

The moment was painful to see. The realization that John Francis Daly would no longer be part of the show slowly seeping in while you shake your head wondering what will become of Daisy and the couple’s unborn child was upsetting. Yes, I take my TV shows seriously! Or what about Booth and Bones? Sweets played such an integral role in the couple’s personal and professional world and vice versa. After seven seasons of offering his insight and psychological advice, our main two characters would be moving on and attempting to take the viewers with them without the hilarious commentary of Sweets and all of those great scenes where he indirectly helped Booth work out his inner conflicts.

So far, Hart Hanson and the cast has managed to move on somewhat successfully without the series regular. Sweets may be gone but not forgotten as showcased by Booth and Bones and the team over the last couple of weeks as they attempt to nail down Sweets’ killer while letting his name live on with conversation and memories.

The introduction of Booth’s new partner James Aubrey has also been somewhat of a tribute to Sweets. Booth just isn’t ready to let Aubrey take the Sweet spot! He’s angry, defiant, hurt and keeps his distance from the newbie, who I also decided right out of the gate that I wasn’t going to like. There was no way this guy was taking Sir Lancelot’s place but after watching Aubrey dry heave and make odd faces during episode 3, I found myself softening to him a little. Booth and Aubrey’s fight with Mr. Light Bright also helped them to bond. Maybe life can go on without Sweets?