Supernatural Chat: 4 Reasons Demon Dean Needs to Stick Around Awhile

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Hey there, Supernatural fans! So how is everyone enjoying Season 10 so far? Personally, I think these last two episodes have been some of the best the show has ever produced and I’m anticipating that this will turn into one of their best seasons yet.

I can attribute a lot of my love for this season to one sexy beast: Demon Dean. As I said in my review of the Season 9 finale, I have been hoping and wishing for a demonized version of Dean since all the way back in Season 3. All summer long, I thought about what he might be like and well before the Season 10 premiere had aired, I was pretty much already in love with him.

While he hasn’t been exactly what I pictured in my head, Demon Dean hasn’t disappointed me since his appearance. In fact, I think what we’ve seen on screen has been about a thousand times better than what I pictured. Jensen Ackles has been blowing it out of the park playing this new version of the older Winchester and frankly, I don’t want him to go away any time soon.

The Honeymoon Isn’t Over

One of the reasons I want Demon Dean to stick around for a while is we’re still getting to know him. There have only been two episodes this season so far, but in each one another layer of his personality has shown itself. For instance, we found out right away that underneath the layer of the guy who just wants to watch strippers and sing karaoke, there’s another layer that really, really, really needs to kill.

We also discovered that if Dean doesn’t kill, he will truly change into a demon — rather than Dean Winchester’s own twisted soul. I’m sure there’s a lot more to learn about him and I doubt it can happen in just one or two episodes.

Flashbacks, Please

When this season began, we found out that some time had passed between Crowley putting the First Blade in Dean’s hands and there was a lot of action that we missed. By the time we caught up with Dean and Crowley, their bromance had gone from party, party, party to bickering and disagreements.

Since we missed out on the early part of their friendship, I would love to see some flashbacks going back to that time. I know we’ve seen pictures of their antics, but I’d love to actually see them hanging out in the bar, picking up chicks and having a grand old time together. What was Demon Dean like when he was first reborn? That’s a question I’d like to see explored.

Castiel Plus Demon Dean Equals Angst-Fest 2014

Due to various and assorted situations, Demon Dean and Castiel have not yet met. Castiel just found out in the last episode that Dean had been turned into a demon and he took the news about as well as I expected him to. I think Castiel has a lot on his own plate right now, but if he gets some of his strength back, I’m sure he will join with Sam to try and cure Dean of his demon-sickness (for lack of a better word).

When that happens, I can’t wait to see how Castiel and Demon Dean interact with each other. After all, the Dean/Cas bromance goes back much farther than Dean/Crowley one. Cas is bound to have some jealousy issues, as well as some anger at Crowley for what he did. Basically, it’s just one, big angst bubble waiting to burst and I want many more episodes so that we can not only see it happen, but also the ramifications of it for a good, long time.

Brothers… Forever?

Right now we have no idea how long Demon Dean will be on the show. For all I know, Sam will cure him in the very next episode and that will be that. But while I do of course want regular Dean back, I think seeing how Demon Dean and Sam get along will make for some spectacular scenes and I would want to milk that as long as possible.

I mean, what if Sam can’t cure Dean immediately but some sort of hunt comes up and he needs his brother’s help? How amazing would it be to see Sam try to hunt with Demon Dean? Just them being in the car and driving to a hunt, interviewing witnesses, tracking down whatever monster it is — will all be different with Demon Dean. I’d love to see them do something we’ve watched hundreds of times, but with this new twist. Dean had to hunt with pretty much every other version of Sam, so I think it’s only fair that Sam would have to learn how to hunt with Demon Dean.

Do you love Demon Dean so far in this season of Supernatural and hope he sticks around for a little while? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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