Sleepy Hollow: Why I Love Ichabod Crane

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 1 This Is War (2)

Hello all. As we get deeper into Sleepy Hollow’s sophomore season, I’ve been taking a look at the main characters we met last season and trying to figure out what made me fall in love with all of them. Last week I talked a little bit about why I love Abbie Mills, so this week I’ll point out a few reasons I love Ichabod Crane.


Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 12/13 The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood (5)

It’s pretty clear that Ichabod is an educated man. After all, he did study at Oxford. He also had the opportunity to apprentice under Benjamin Franklin who was one of the greatest thinkers of his time. However, being smart doesn’t just mean that you have an encyclopedic knowledge of things. Being smart means knowing how to gather and process information and then using that information to your advantage. It also means being able to adapt to rapidly changing situations. I’d say Ichabod pretty much has that covered. Ichabod’s befuddlement with modern culture aside, whenever Ichabod walks into a room he tends to be the smartest person in said room. Not only does he know about a lot of things, but he has a knack for using all of that knowledge to help himself and Abbie gain ground in their war against evil.


It’s only been in the last few years that pop culture has figured out what I’ve known almost my whole life: smart is sexy. The fact that Ichabod’s smarts are wrapped up in such pretty packaging is just icing on the cake. I also find his gentlemanly sensibilities very sexy. Maybe it’s because I’m a southern girl through and through, but I’ve always found true gentlemen sexy. And Ichabod has it in spades. Most of that is a product him being from a different time with different social norms, but that doesn’t make it any less sexy.


Ichabod’s confusion with modern times provides most of Sleepy Hollow’s comedic relief. What makes Ichabod so funny is that he’s not actually trying to be funny. He is genuinely offended and/or confused when it comes to current American culture. Whenever he launches into a rant about the cost of goods and services or the dependence of the American population on credit, it makes me laugh. Oftentimes, I share his frustrations. His fascination with modern technology is an endless source of amusement as well. Most of us have grown up using computers or at least had access to that kind of technology. The point is, technology has been a large part of most of our lives, but the same is not true for Ichabod. His discovery of blow dryers, cell phones, and motor vehicles has caused me to laugh quite often while watching this show. I maintain that Ichabod’s conversation with Yolanda from OnStar was comedy gold. I had to pause the TV because I was laughing so hard.


Much like with Nicole Beharie, I wasn’t familiar with Tom Mison’s work prior to him landing his role on Sleepy Hollow. However, I quickly became a fan. Mison has had to strike a very delicate balance with Ichabod because the character is simultaneously smart, brave, funny, chivalrous and sympathetic. All of those attributes have to be very carefully balanced because too much of any one will take the character from adorable to annoying very quickly. Mison does a masterful job of giving us precisely enough of each of Ichabod’s many fine qualities to keep us engaged in the story and loving Ichabod Crane. Plus, let’s just go ahead and admit that Tom Mison is very easy on the eyes. Exhibit A: the above photo. Also, watching his Comic Con interviews about Sleepy Hollow, Mison comes across as very humble and quite shy. It is freakin’ adorable. Whoever made the decision to hire this man for this role made a very wise choice.

So there you have it folks. A few of the reasons I’m pretty much in love with Ichabod Crane. Stay tuned for next week’s installment: Why I love Frank Irving.